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Example sentences for suffrage

The solutions are to end both direct democracy and universal adult suffrage.
We have already seen that the introduction of universal suffrage is not contemplated at present.
Universal suffrage means that everyone should have an equal opportunity to vote, regardless of social background.
It is the significance of laws guaranteeing free speech, universal suffrage, and equality before the law.
It is no accident that they began to go up when universal suffrage was introduced.
Her celebration was to let her people exercise the right of universal suffrage.
The fight for suffrage was a long one, and there were countless heroes along the way.

Famous quotes containing the word suffrage

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[Asked if American women would ever win full suffrage:] Assuredly. I firmly believed at one time that I sho... more
... a large portion of those who demand woman suffrage are persons who have not been trained to reason, and... more
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