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None of these points are discussed in detail or backed up with sufficient evidence.
The government should make sufficient efforts to rehabilitate these local people, villagers, tribes from these forests.
To cross it and then to come right back-that would be entirely sufficient, would satisfy my inexplicable yet acute hunger.
The stimulus alone, as it stands now, won't be sufficient to counter that fall.
The virus alone may not be sufficient to cause the bee dropoff.
During the three-week expedition, the group has little contact with the outside world and must be totally self-sufficient.
As a result, their pups did not have time to put on sufficient weight to hibernate successfully and are now starving.
After reaching a sufficient concentration, the samples will be tested to determine which strains of flu viruses are present.
However technically sufficient the images may have been, they don't actually mean anything to anyone.
Each is a self-sufficient unit, as are many of the brigades.
Vowing the kingdom would become self-sufficient, the royal family set out to revolutionize agriculture in the mostly arid country.
But the ability to take great photographs, though necessary, is not sufficient.
Coordinating efforts, commerce, and safety are also compromised without sufficient low-tech communication alternatives.
They are largely self-sufficient, they can live off the land, they have an intimate relationship with the food on their plates.
Simply changing our diets is no longer sufficient if fish are to recover and multiply in the years ahead.
The answer about contributing to the field on a theoretical or framework level is important and probably sufficient.
But a semester of exposure to complex ideas and processes is not sufficient to transform undergraduates' learning experiences.
Most colleges do not, and will not, have sufficient budgets to expand storage facilities or build ever-larger libraries.
Last year it came to our attention that those of you who didn't have sufficient income needed to retain another job.
Here are some options to resolve the problem and ensure you get sufficient credit for the contribution.
My university has never had sufficient housing for its undergraduates.
For problem solving problems that is more than sufficient.
Most of those patterns are trivial enough so that two weeks to two months of practice should be sufficient.
Several newspaper articles have also pointed out that price increases alone might not be sufficient to encourage more frugal use.
Freedom is an essential component of democracy, but not sufficient.
To house the turbines that create the electricity and to provide a sufficient head of water pressure to drive them efficiently.
But poaching is not sufficient to explain where all the jobs came from.
In some cases only animal tests are deemed sufficient.
Whether all that attention has translated into sufficient action is another question.
Now it is time to examine whether there has been a sufficient return on this investment.
Some emerging market central bankers even argue that low inflation is neither necessary nor sufficient for financial stability.
But a bank with sufficient market power would also be considered too big to fail, and would be rescued in the event of bankruptcy.
He could also be detained, if there is sufficient evidence to tie him to the commission of war crimes.
Ultrasound is already used to detect such agents but its resolution is sufficient to show only the structure of blood vessels.
Usually these are, nevertheless, sufficient to keep the funding flowing.
The risk of a demonstration creating a disturbance, the court declared, was not sufficient to justify a ban.
The city's slowness to build sufficient public transit routes is another irritation.
In many older patients, a regular exercise program may be sufficient to improve mood.
Three egg-shells are sufficient to effect clearing where one cup of ground coffee is used.
But it follows that they are not by themselves sufficient for knowledge.
His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant.
The mere fact that it has never been brought into common use, though so obvious a form, is sufficient condemnation.
See the line from a sufficient distance, and it straightens itself to the average tendency.
We'll provide an update with averaged global data once we've received a sufficient number of contributions.
In each case, retailers will carry only content that can generate sufficient demand to earn its keep.
Though not yet sufficient to the demands of people with severely weakened muscles, future systems could provide more support.
One is building sufficient momentum when the two biggest social networking sites are not represented.
Positioning is extremely important for a cyclist to be able to maintain a low drag while still producing sufficient power.
But the sheer acceleration alone was sufficient to get my adrenaline fix.
Given sufficient water vapor to reach saturation, clouds can form at the tops of the rising plumes.
If the object has sufficient acceleration, it can burst through this barrier of sound waves and move ahead of the radiated sound.
But trials take time, often years, to enroll a sufficient number of participants to generate statistically significant results.
For example, it seems obvious that teams need sufficient resources to enable members to accomplish their goals.
Interesting, and although quite technical, not a sufficient explanation for my particular condition.
Ammonia is a normal metabolic by-product but is toxic in sufficient concentrations, so it must be removed to keep fish healthy.
In winter, the problem is that there aren't sufficient ice crystals.
For now, it's sufficient to have an observation that might indicate something interesting.
The finches lived in an environment where their beak size was sufficient for them to gather food.
The vehicles reach sufficient space apart to return to the original flow.
These systems are only a software upgrade away from fully self-sufficient operation.
We, as a nation must endeavor to become energy efficient and self-sufficient.
In other cases sufficient funding might not be available and the research would not be done, or would not be done so thoroughly.
Even when supplied, batteries not sufficient might be a suitable disclaimer.
Current performances are sufficient to set rough baselines.
And the answer was that the collateral damage was sufficient to knock out a telephone system that was highly centralized.
The spadix is not a greenhouse, and the supply of starch is not sufficient to maintain a warm temperature year-round.
Recognition of our fallibility is necessary but not sufficient to establish the concept of the open society.
Sufficient air content is critical for concrete durability in freeze-thaw conditions.
And while their arrogance and greed were certainly a necessary precondition of the crisis, they were not in any way sufficient.
Free market zealots would argue that reputation alone is sufficient to solve this problem.
Nor, however, is it sufficient to heap contempt on the rioters as if they are a pariah caste.
Given time, these tactics alone might have proved sufficient.
Only nuclear power had sufficient bang to propel the requisite payloads into space.
If you do, the pressure won't be sufficient for the rest of the process to work properly, leading once again to over-extraction.
Moreover, any agency that has a single mission is likely to perform it out without sufficient attention to the costs.
There is no risk in this if the officer has had a sufficient amount of sleep.
At the twenty-four-hour point the data obtained seemed sufficient, and the engineers intended to shut down the plant.
Obviousness, by comparison, implies that the claim lacks sufficient innovation and is self-evident to professionals in the field.
But maybe even lower frequencies could work in sufficient way.
If the electrons oscillate, some will overshoot with sufficient energy to escape or cause interference fringe altering the focus.
Finding the right combination of rare earths in sufficient concentration to be economically exploited is what is uncommon.
Coincidence, or rather the ability to determine coincidence with sufficient confidence.
Reading, writing, and arithmetic are no longer sufficient to decide on public policy.
But it is now apparent that these programs were not sufficient to create the conditions for a full economic recovery.
Here, the exterior will sport photovoltaic cells to collect solar power and make the building energy self-sufficient.
We view ourselves as a huge and relatively self-sufficient country, in control of our own destiny.
Publishers often follow a newsy calendar that does not allow sufficient time for the original investigatory work required.
But it does not seem quite right-or sufficient-to define him that way.
But experts say that because technology has sufficient potential to become more efficient, our quality of life need not decline.
Income from oil and gas may not be sufficient to cover future imports.
The ritual has become pervasive enough and of sufficient consequence to warrant some discussion.
The problem is that their taxes aren't sufficient to support the nanny state, so get rid of it.
They typically lack sufficient gravity to retain an atmosphere.
There was not yet a sufficient amount of nerve gas to harm the paramedics.
We define life, essentially, as chemistry of sufficient complexity.
The spread of the meme could be a sufficient condition to initiate the genetic change.
Damage to the accelerator could be repaired given sufficient time and money.
None of those was sufficient to account for the heating except the long-lived isotopes, and they would still be around.
However, selection alone would not be sufficient to drive the protein deterministically through the neutral steps.
It was enough to make them more than self-sufficient.
None of the largest countries was self-sufficient in food.

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