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In addition, there is no legal threshold for how much pain and suffering an animal can be exposed to in experiments.
For amputees suffering from phantom pain, a computer-generated cure might soon be at hand.
In some religions, devotion is measured by physical suffering and self-inflicted pain.
Dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures that experience pain and suffering, she emphasizes.
Media companies are suffering intense pain-and it is starting to seem worryingly permanent.
Students may be enjoying high self-esteem, but college teachers seem to be suffering from a lack of self-confidence.
These are people who won't be suffering in a major way financially from the cuts and who are near retirement.
Human interaction with mosquitoes must take into account the tremendous human suffering that these disease vectors cause.
Best wishes to everyone suffering unhappy influences.
Thus they were suffering severe immediate losses and many were faced with bankruptcy.
Once you know how to dress, winter is not a time of suffering, and the world of snow opens up to you.
Their melodies and themes are simple, giving voice to the suffering, the determination and the longing of a battered population.
The suffering it sets forth seems to have been almost needless,-due as it is to the accident of misunderstanding.
Within a few years, he was suffering from paralysis and dropsy, and had become much bed-ridden.
The governor sent him to prison where he remained a long time suffering divers torments.
Many of the soldiers' families were suffering for bread, while they wasted it by the cart-load in the army.
We could have avoided all this suffering simply by shrinking from strife.
Since then the world has become full of traitors, expelled and insulted, and suffering every possible calumny.
Funneled through secretive networks, these precious gems can carry a huge cost in human suffering.
He used the position not to alleviate the suffering bit to get publicity for himself.
Discovering how bears prevent urine from entering the kidneys could help treat patients suffering from chronic kidney failure.
And, having squarely faced the gravity of their predicaments, they also manage suffering well.
There is an end to suffering by eliminating craving.
Despite the scale of the humanitarian disaster, some of the suffering is avoidable.
Other reforms give some succour to those seeking to reduce animal suffering.
The profession itself is suffering from guilt and rancour.
At farms and in slaughterhouses, animals are killed with little concern for their suffering.
Most industries are suffering at present, but few are doing as badly as the news business.
The question, therefore, is whether there is a way to get the advantages without suffering the disadvantages.
They boast double-digit revenue growth at a time when many companies are suffering.
The bosses of some of the world's biggest basic-materials firms did exactly this and are now suffering.
Makers of furniture and white goods are suffering similarly.
All are suffering the indignity of a collapse in second-hand-car prices as global demand for luxury and prestige cars dwindles.
Drinking alcohol or coffee only increased his suffering.
Many occupations are suffering from chronic entry-requirement inflation.
Of course, once home prices began suffering, flipping did as well.
Indeed, the system will probably collapse on its own, when the weight of human suffering it creates becomes unbearable.
It is suffering, not from ignorance, but from sophistication and self-consciousness.
The odds of justices suffering severe loss of mental capacity in office would decline dramatically.
Animal and human faces display similar responses to suffering.
The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation.
Pretending otherwise is extremely wasteful and increases human suffering for selfish reasons.
Those of us who see the value of esc research value the possibility of treatments for humans who are suffering now.
Coral reefs, among other ecosystems, are suffering mightily at the hands of humans.
People suffering from sleep-deprivation are at an increased risk for obesity, diabetes, psychological problems and car crashes.
The cost to society must be measured in billions of dollars, not to mention the suffering of those who have lost loved ones.
Also, people tend to eat dirt when they're suffering from gastrointestinal distress.
In this world, behaviors and subjective suffering become meaningless or irrelevant.
Your remarks focused on the money rather than the number of people suffering.
After his playing days were over, he was reported to be suffering from depression.
They may have offered snake oil to fellow workers as relief for suffering long days of physical toil.
We are suffering from a lack of enthusiasm as a nation.
Right and they will charge an obscenely high price for it, so unless you have great insurance, prepare to keep on suffering.
Tells about palliative medicine and the study of suffering.
Understand that isolation will not break the junta's grip on its long-suffering people.
Seventy per cent of patients suffering from glaucoma risk blindness because they don't use their eyedrops regularly.
We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering.
As if the guy weren't remarkable enough, he does all this while suffering from tinnitus.
The technology might be used to treat people suffering from drug intoxication, bloodstream infections, and certain cancers.
Renewable energy companies been suffering as a result, seeing financing dry up and projects stalled.
There are more reasons alt energy is suffering than stated in the article.
The darkest side may not even be all the deformed and suffering would be clones who are put down.
Except its not the people who create the content that are suffering.
Although the two suffering families were within a few feet of each other, neither acknowledged the other's presence.
At the same time, needless suffering should be avoided at all costs.
Unfortunately, as pretty as this is, the implications are not so good: the forest in that area is suffering due to all that ash.
In the long term, that sort of thing can help create exactly the sort of food crisis we're suffering right now.
Sorry, my anglic friends, but your suffering has produced this stunning beauty.
In fact, ferrets are rather delicate in the face of a flu infections, easily suffering from brain damage.
Similarly, an astronaut suffering cabin fever may exhibit performance problems while going about daily chores.
Should a little ice age arrive, its impact will be told in human suffering, not scientific terminology.
Not to many help them or try to remove the reasons of their suffering.
People want answers and are always looking for patterns, especially at times of tragedy and suffering.
The supercomputer industry is suffering from the financial crisis and they probably are desperate to boost their sales.
For months my grandfather had been suffering from some unknown malady.
It could be something as simple as donating to a charity working to alleviate the suffering and help exiles.
It's criticism of using a yardstick suffering from curvature of unknown extreme and distortion while insisting it's straight.
The bottom line is that these medications often relieve the patient's suffering, and this is why doctors prescribe them.
Many of the exiled, freighted with more suffering than reasons to leave, would reject this statement.
They may be moved by the suffering itself or by a sense of duty.
We deplore the unnecessary suffering which results from the present ambiguous legal situation.
Perhaps our enormous suffering has contributed to humanity.
At the same time it is suffering unprecedented levels of pollution.
Too many pets are suffering from maladies which can and should be prevented.

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