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People who suffer from fibromyalgia experience problems beyond the pain caused by their illness.
Some cases are so severe that employees are forced to change careers and suffer chronic pain.
Civil wars are obviously damaging, and not many countries suffer them.
The economic temptation is strong: five times more soldiers suffer mental than physical wounds in war.
There are actors who suffer nobly, with tragic and stoical reserve.
But in this marriage of convenience, both parties suffer.
The lessons from other big downturns suggest that migrants will suffer.
But if you ski in bounds and suffer from cold hands, you'll happily pay-and forgive the weight.
Monkeys suffer the same fate only rarely, but then again they can't sing or dance.
Finding could explain why ethnic groups suffer from particular common diseases.
Citrus may suffer from chlorosis due to iron, manganese, or zinc deficiency.
It's not only humans who suffer from the depredations of viruses.
Military cooperation would be one of the first areas to suffer.
Animals that are not directly killed by an oil spill may still suffer indirectly due to habitat damage.
For people who suffer from debilitating migraine headaches, advances toward alleviating their agony can't come quickly enough.
They suffer from malnutrition and various viral and bacterial diseases.
Normally tolerant of saline or alkaline soils, they sometimes suffer from chlorosis.
Fisheries and the environment both suffer from inefficient fishing techniques.
Most researchers state that the animals they experiment upon don't suffer.
In short, conservation reserves that exclude tribal peoples suffer.
Apt to suffer from sudden dieback or borers add to my plant list.
He was surprised that some of the test subjects in his placebo groups seemed to suffer less than those on active drugs.
People living in these climates have grown accustomed to the harsh weather, but those unprepared for such cold may suffer.
It is no surprise that many people suffer from anxiety.
Hopefully whatever it was did not cause her to suffer.
Both suffer familiar urban quandaries of frustration and decay.
The conventional wisdom at the moment seems to be that the euro zone will suffer a shallow recession next year.
Ideally, future centenarians who avail themselves to life-prolonging advances won't suffer the familiar frailties of old age.
The church had convinced everyone that if they didn't pay, they would suffer in the afterlife.
These patients suffer from different mental illnesses-Mrs.
So, unless you frequently suffer from cold ears, this is probably not a desirable attribute.
Every individual must choose what is best for themselves and be prepared to suffer the consequences of bad choices.
They all seem to suffer from one shortcoming or another.
Many of the rest suffer from intermittent supply and unsafe water.
Downstream human communities also may suffer from diminished water resources.
The company puts out great cameras, but they suffer from an image problem.
Within industry, two sectors seem set to suffer in particular.
He's the first of three famous brothers to suffer a tragic end.
But a large group of people in rich countries does suffer from nutritional deficiencies: the elderly.
They suffer bad nutrition, kidney ailments, and coat and hair problems.
Perpetually plugged-in youngsters are more likely to suffer poor psychological health.
During a shoot, mic placement is optimized for dialog, and the quality of background sounds can suffer.
But remember that people also suffer from infected food in almost every city, every day.
However, millions suffer from untreated but mild memory loss.
According to this view, those who do not explore their emotions will suffer the consequences later.
These measures mean the economy may suffer only a mild downturn.
Anyone who chooses to go through that is willing to suffer in the short-term for a long-term gain.
If you are a parent, work, and go to school something is going to suffer.
US civilian polar orbiter coverage might suffer a gap of four years or more.
Astrodome complex say they continue to suffer from a lack of information.
Flowers also stand to suffer when this symbiotic relationship falters.
These individuals sometimes suffer from dramatic shifts in their sense of self.
Meth addicts, he told me, ultimately suffer from diminished sense of touch.
Skimping on this while money is tight, says the agency, will cause growth to suffer in the long term.
For the millions of people who suffer from phobias, the ordinary can become unbearable.
While their vision is normal in every other way, they suffer from what is often called red-green color blindness.
Defibrillators were twice as likely to suffer a glitch.
Lots of its emerging-market staff sell private-banking services, which should suffer less.
But, they also suffer from the rather problematic side effect of being highly artificial.
But some of them are also working out until they puke, faint or suffer permanent organ damage.
Thousands of people suffer from it, and treatments vary.
What is certain is that some places will suffer more than others.
Adult animals rarely die from the infection but do suffer permanent weight reduction and a loss of milk yield.
Let us take an oath upon the codes, invest our personal honor in them, and suffer punishment for their violation.
But pure free-trade policies, which are still used as the intellectual benchmark of the debate, suffer from two critical flaws.
Some of the prisoners continued for a considerable time to suffer from injuries received at his hands.
The colleges throughout the region will also suffer from declining birth rates.
Should she win the nomination but lose the election, they believe, the party could suffer incalculable damage.
In addition to the economic upheaval, traditional print media is going to suffer from cognitive changes.
It is enough that citizens will suffer the results of austerity that cut some of their salaries and raised their taxes.
Laws and norms can be dismissed if someone is willing to suffer the legal and social consequences.
The country's stark income inequality means that rural areas suffer from a lack of basic infrastructure.
Either way, the economy will suffer from sudden dislocations as the government scrambles to balance its budget.
The poor will suffer today, and growth will suffer tomorrow.
Your color may not suffer as badly as it does in the summer sun, but you still want to keep those expensive tones bright.
The teacher prepares the student for a grand stage, where he must display everything he has learned or suffer public defeat.
Entertainment venues, thankfully, don't suffer the same kind of brutal turnover as eateries.

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