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Example sentences for suet

We learn that even urban sophisticates will trudge into the park in midwinter to put out seeds and suet.
There are many items need to be modified to suet it's duty.
For some reason, the neighborhood's resident sapsuckers almost never use my suet feeder.
Suet is the name given to fat which lies about the loins and kidneys.
Convincing the woodpecker to use this might be difficult, but a suet feeder nearby might do the trick.
Suet feeders hold bricks of suet in a metal or mesh basket.
Commercial suet feeders are available and inexpensive.
Bird feeders come in many shapes and sizes from shelf feeders to log feeders, suet to traditional styles.
If you offer suet at your feeder, flickers may become regular visitors.
Starlings also eat fruit, seeds and suet at bird feeders, and food scraps.
Each year thousands of homeowners put out suet feeders to attract woodpeckers.
Suet or animal fat attracts insect-eating birds such as woodpeckers year-round.
Suet, which is another name for fat, is a rich source of energy that some birds can use.
Found in or near woods, also visiting suet and sunflower feeders.
They will also eat wild fruit and can be lured to feeders by providing sunflower seeds or suet.
We suspend them as bird feeders packed with peanut butter or suet coated with seeds.
But suet can go rancid in the summer, so purchase an all-season variety or limit suet feeding to the cooler months.
The birds have difficulty feeding normally and are living largely on suet and peanut butter at residential bird feeders.
Keeping a feeder full of suet may draw woodpeckers away from the house.
They often visit feeders in search of suet and birdseed and are fond of bathing in birdbaths.
Hummingbird feeders and suet will also attract woodpeckers.
Suet will be utilized regularly by woodpeckers, nuthatches, and chickadees.
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