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Example sentences for suede

Think about a fringed suede jacket and suede jodhpurs or jeans.
Step on its blue suede shoes and it will see you in court, honey.
Tinted plaster lends a lush brown suede effect to the entry walls, transitioning to a gray-blue hue on the ceiling.
When those were accepted, he added suede and leather ready-to-wear.
Interior- leather and suede combo seats suede accents, custom birch wood instrument and center console.
On the communal table, vases are packed with trimmed leeks, and the banquettes are covered in buttery suede.
The patchwork plaids of last year have evolved into patchwork suede for fall in arrays of colors, leathers and geometrics.
Leatherworkers craft bridles, suede saddles and stirrups.
Today, artisans take pieces of vintage mantas and frame them in soft suede and durable leather to create these beautiful totes.
Subtle details make this buttery-soft suede bag ideal for travel.
It always would have been soft suede gloves, and for the evening a long white glove over the elbows.
Journalism professors raised themselves up on their suede elbow patches to tsk-tsk.
Find a wide range of accessories to compliment any outfit, from suede hobos to cross-body bags with super long fringe.
Contact leather and suede cleaners for expert information.
Supple suede leather inside liner makes for extra comfortable wear.
Often times that stained sweater vest or suede shirt can be washed by hand a few times before ever needing professional help.

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What struck him most was the fact that from Monday on he would be Luzhin. His father—the real Luzhin, the elderly Luzh... more
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