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Jail scientists for not predicting earthquakes, or sue them for predicting them.
Another problem with vaccines is you can not directly sue the pharmaceutical company.
It is not necessary unless you want to actually sue someone.
New efforts to control costs could make it scarier to sue.
These buy up patents and then license them or sue for infringement, rather than using the patents themselves.
Potential conflicts of interest loom-and plaintiffs' lawyers, ready to sue over advice that proves bad, are always close at hand.
He tried to sue the retailer for profiteering in a local court last month, presenting a picture of the melon plus the receipt.
Minority shareholders are complaining about the potential dilution of their holdings, and some are threatening to sue.
But patients who were denied experimental treatments, and the hospitals that wanted to be paid for providing them, started to sue.
Basically, a patent is nothing but a license to sue for infringement.
People who believe that they were denied a job because they were unemployed could sue the company that denied them the position.
Sue will be of mating age soon, if she isn't pregnant already.
He threatened to sue the theater and have the play stopped.
Of course, the non-human critters don't get to sue you if you err.
Well, permit it but also allow people to sue the individual who uses it, cop or not.
And so yo know, she was compensated to not sue the chiropractor for malpractice.
She doesn't have a disclaimer posted on it, so anyone developing skin cancer or even a sunburn could sue her.
Such a statement might have made it more difficult for the parents to sue for guardianship to control the decision.
The party denied the charge and threatened to sue the director for slander.
The commissions that administer the scheme can sue the manufacturer if negligence is suspected, but the patient cannot.
It seemed beyond doubt that the vanquished would soon realize how badly off they were, and would sue for peace.
Her parents are doing her no favors with their decision to sue the school.
People sue for damages under the civil laws of the state.

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