sudsy in a sentence

Example sentences for sudsy

When the wind blows, the waves on the lake agitate this surface agent, thus transforming it into sudsy white foam.
Once the wax is removed, wash the oven in hot sudsy water and dry thoroughly.
Regular dish soap will not have the same effect as it is too sudsy.
Both the outside and inside of a microwave should be cleaned with a sudsy cloth and rinsed with a clean damp cloth.
Incidentally, the concentrate contains no bleach, nor does it contain anything that might make the floor sudsy.
In essence, it is this portion of the drama that is often awash in the sudsy waves of bathos.
However, ticks might also survive a sudsy interlude by sheltering in the folds and crevices of a typical load of laundry.
Dip one end of the straw into the sudsy solution then hold the straw slightly above the surface of the solution.
Combine ingredients in a bucket of warm water and mix until sudsy.
Shake dirt out, wash it in warm sudsy water, dry it out and replace it in the holder.
White, thick, billowing or sudsy foam on aeration tank surface.
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