suds in a sentence

Example sentences for suds

Tote your suds in style with this leather six-pack holder.
And unlike the cardboard carriers that come with the beer, these won't snap and spill suds on the sidewalk.
It's not that the soap is less effective, simply that the ingredients do the cleaning instead of the suds.
The suds flow freely and the pork knuckle is the house specialty.
He could go to the laundry and make a fool of himself by letting suds flood the floor.
When the beer turns up missing, he calls an all-out search for the suds.
In a halfhearted subplot intended to double the movie's suds quotient.
As a brewery, this place houses more than enough choices in draft and bottle form to please the average connoisseur of suds.
When air is mixed with moving water, foam, suds or bubbles are created.

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