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It is categorised by sudden and dramatic price variations, particularly moving suddenly upwards but decaying only slowly.
Sometimes the only copy of several years' worth of effort is the one that is suddenly gone.
Investors have suddenly started taking nanotechnology seriously.
Occasionally, however, stress builds up and is released suddenly in a great burst of seismic waves.
Recently the guy next to me on the plane suddenly uttered an oath and stood up to reveal that his fountain pen had flooded.
They find meaning in something once meaningless, and suddenly we're all connected.
Some players noticed that their money and weapons had suddenly vanished.
It will strike some as mystifying that a small, peripheral economy should suddenly threaten the world's biggest economic area.
And they loved it because they suddenly had this map that showed all the great places to get beans and rice for ten cents.
Navy divers are suddenly eating and sleeping with history books.
The framing is finished, and suddenly the house feels huge and full of light.
The statement, suddenly separated from the writer, takes on an independent life.
Suddenly everyone wants to harness the power of consumers.
Suddenly he stopped and pointed at a paw print-a tigress.
Suddenly your future is a vast pile of shiny mail on an already messy desk.
High-intensity radiation suddenly sweeps in from across the universe, in a spherical pattern focused on a point in space.
Gift them in a pretty bag and suddenly they feel special.
Suddenly lumped in with a movement, he felt uncomfortable.
Some describe how their cars' battery can suddenly die while trying to overtake or labour up a hill.
Then, the plates can suddenly come apart and slam into a new position.
Calculate the expense on a cost per use basis, and suddenly the investment doesn't seem extravagant at all.
They have been disappointed a couple of times before, and know the president's schedule can suddenly change.
It can be scary to suddenly leave the comforts of a steady job or a familiar place.
Ghosts and time-travelers won't appear in our houses, and alien creatures won't suddenly emerge from our walls.
Shelled creatures, whose calcium-carbonate-rich armour tends to dissolve in acid, suddenly became rare.
Suddenly they disappear inside the clouds-one plane fairly close to the sea surface, and the other much higher in the system.
But add something from your own garden to the supermarket mix, and suddenly the whole bouquet acquires more character.
Jobs fairs for those who have studied abroad are suddenly popular.
Then the hurricane will move toward the weakness as though a door had suddenly opened.
His teenage audiences yelled out with him, suddenly liberated.
Any zoo animal that suddenly found itself in the wild would be unlikely to survive.
The patient suddenly cannot recall facts or experiences-anything that is not deeply encoded, such as his name.
She felt a shivery thrill as everything about their comfortable old relationship suddenly seemed to change.
But the legendary investor has suddenly changed his spots.
Now another formerly obscure process known as autophagy is suddenly claiming extraordinary scientific attention.
Suddenly there are shouts and the protesters behind us begin to surge forward in an attempt to storm the cordon.
Suddenly my foot plunged into a crack hidden by drifted snow.
Once more it would collapse, then suddenly rear up and come swirling down on us.
But at a certain threshold its optical output changes suddenly.
Now, when that ideology is showing its dangerous and shameful side, the party has suddenly chosen to reaffirm it.
When eleven of them had made their promises, suddenly the thirteenth came in.
All those dry, boring subjects from high school were suddenly alive for me.
What may at one time have been unavailable, is now suddenly available, in some fashion or another.
It was going to disappear, and it suddenly turned back and came right at me.
Suddenly there is more background story about financial aid problems, course availability etc.
But then a trill of sadness gurgles her speech, and the microphone is suddenly filled with her sobs.
Certain memories die suddenly rather than fading away.
After years of falling food prices, eating is suddenly getting expensive.
There, five people with doctorates in linguistics dream up excuses for folks to repeat before suddenly dropping a date gone sour.
On learning its function, it suddenly looks macabre.
Suddenly she burst into a run and leaped toward her prey.
It was as if every scripted ending suddenly came undone.
He started walking, and suddenly he sank down in the mud up to his knees.
Nature has a way of making familiar surroundings suddenly seem different.
The government is suddenly paying attention-but its urge to regulate is pulling it in two different directions.
These channels may allow water to gush suddenly from one lake to another.
Suddenly, who would have guessed it, they look fresh and new again.
Besides that, it's as if you've suddenly woken up to all those things you usually let slide.
And now, suddenly, she had to take over the job six months earlier than planned.
They started discussing the price of gas when he suddenly doused her with the fuel and set her alight.
Suddenly, their own religious fervor-that which looked entirely divine and even infallible-is humanized.
Suddenly, the idea of starting a family as junior faculty members here without running ourselves into the ground seemed possible.
The steps drew swiftly nearer, and swelled out suddenly louder as they turned the end of the street.
Lost in wickedness, the poet suddenly comes to his senses and tries to escape from it, but in vain.
After another question or two he suddenly left my side and went leaping at some fruit that hung from a tree.
While he was seemingly thinking of the subject of violence, a reminiscence from his ninth year suddenly occurred to him.
But almost at the same instant, he became suddenly uneasy, as though an unexpected and alarming idea had occurred to him.
We did grant him liberty to get ashore, and ourselves followed suddenly after before the war was proclaimed.
He went on upstairs, and then it suddenly occurred to him to ask himself what the spot on the linoleum might be.
Suddenly, a jagged bolt of lightning strikes the saguaro.
Suddenly something scuttles in the leaves scattered on the ground.
Then, suddenly, all of the trees on the right side of the road exploded into flames-even though there was no fire contacting them.
Flying fish is rare in this area and you never know where they might suddenly appear.
Mist often forms when warmer air over water suddenly encounters the cooler surface of land.
The caldera formed when the land inside the park suddenly caved in thousands of years ago.
Suddenly, a giraffe signals to the rest of the herd that danger is near-a lion.
When he stopped the raft to get a better look, the bear suddenly charged.
Suddenly, waiters appeared carrying large silver trays piled with bottles of champagne nestled in ice.
Artists were suddenly freed to point their lenses up, down or tilted at an angle.
Suddenly, a paint-splattered worker picking at a nearby wall shouts, waves his steel trowel and points.
The risks of working in a place where volcanic activity seems to have stopped but may suddenly resume are uncertain.
Tough times do not suddenly prompt everyone to start a business.
Having got accustomed to investing to suit the whim of government, they could suddenly choose what to invest in and how much.
Suddenly, his spectacular career has come to a crashing end.
Suddenly, a fast-moving thunderstorm approaches, bringing gusty winds and large raindrops.
Imagine walking around in your backyard and suddenly discovering a vein of gold in a corner you thought you knew well.
Suddenly, he remembers his parents and wildly looks around for them.
Tots seem to suddenly go from babbling hesitantly to confidently chatting up a storm.
His symptoms appeared suddenly, and were so severe that he visited his doctor monthly and missed many school days.
Five out of eight crows that had previously refused to visit the nest suddenly began feeding the chicks.
The arm ached for hours, and then the pain disappeared suddenly, leaving her right arm slightly paralyzed.
She suddenly realizes how lucky she is to be so near the warmth of civilization.
In fact, it was when the droplets started to pull apart from each other that they suddenly mixed.
Suddenly, a huge detonation erupts next to one, often followed by a determined ambush.
Suddenly, the device started to emit an accelerating beeping noise.
Suddenly, the whole right half of your body is screaming in agony.
But ask them how they make it, and they're suddenly flummoxed.
Suddenly we're underneath the space shuttle before it takes off.
And then, when someone asked who was going to clean it, everyone suddenly had a chore to do somewhere else that couldn't wait.
It is likely that other new technologies will appear suddenly, leading to major new industries.
It is not necessary that everyone suddenly become interested in criminal law reform.
Ideology and technology change with election cycles, and failure can strike suddenly.
Quite suddenly smoke has half blanked out the scene beyond the water's edge.
At what seemed the final moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and cast a glance over the room.
But politicians wisely knew what voters would think about suddenly finding it a lot harder to get a home loan.
But suddenly, this old-fashioned trick has become unnecessary.
When all the repressed energy is suddenly released, it takes its own shape.
With the change of administrations, though, the road suddenly cleared.
In many, though, it's simply a function of the center of gravity having suddenly shifted.
Bond fund managers are suddenly surrounded by adoring fans.
Once considered to be fringe science, time travel has suddenly become a playground for theoretical physicists.
Everything goes blurry, and sunlight seems to reach his eyes bent every which way, as though he has suddenly slipped underwater.
While he'd stood shaving that morning, his right arm had gone limp, and to his amazement he suddenly couldn't speak.
But suddenly, the smell of broiling cow had me heading for the toilet.
Suddenly the psychiatric symptoms, the tremor, and the shuffling gait made sense.
Near sunspots the magnetic field lines get tangled and can suddenly erupt, hurling that energy into space.
So this suggests that tumors apparent at early screening exams suddenly weren't apparent at a later screening exam.
Their vascular systems constrict furiously to keep blood pressure up-until, suddenly, nothing.
Suddenly those forgettable items become unforgettable.
There is no good reason to think this increase will suddenly stop.
Add a third dimension and suddenly you can step off into the audience.
The famous credibility gap, which has been with us for six long years, has suddenly opened up into an abyss.
Suddenly the atmosphere in the room was tense with dread.
Suddenly the clatter of gunfire echoed down the hallway.
Imagine that a virus suddenly appears in our society that makes people sleep twelve, fourteen hours a day.
And then it suddenly stopped-or, as some claimed, drifted out to sea.
It is a moment suddenly charged with moral possibility.
People directly, indirectly, and even remotely involved in a situation are suddenly open to collaborating and sharing.
Suddenly, it seems that manufacturing is again in the news.
Amidst rapid technological change, patents have suddenly become the hot ticket in town.
The tires are also designed to temporarily slip if a wind gust causes the flywheel to suddenly speed up.
Suddenly his voice turns defiant and he's scowling deeply.
As it becomes superconducting, such a device would suddenly become opaque to a magnetic field inside it.
When the car ahead suddenly flashed brake lights, the human drivers also braked.
As a result astronomers have gone from being starved of data about gamma ray bursts to suddenly drowning in it.
Indeed, there were some artifacts in my data-places where the stress line mysteriously drops suddenly and slowly builds back up.
Should it rise above this value, the material would suddenly become opaque.
Suddenly, objectionable content can be made to disappear by pressuring a technology company in the middle.
To take a break, he began trying to revise a short story, but it suddenly seemed hopeless and he decided to call it a night.
The suddenly turned off, when he started the engine again the car was set on fire.
Suddenly, he felt that a great hand had grabbed him and flung him across the surface.
At that rate if you were a homeowner, solar panels suddenly become cheap.
But when you're outside of it, the things suddenly change.
It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason.
We talked and laughed and held hands at first and then suddenly-a quick delightful kiss.
Suddenly, he considered this hobby a possible career path.
Erasure poetry-poetry created by removing words from an existing text to excavate new meaning-isn't new, but it's suddenly hot.
He'd been there for days, not knowing how to get out, and suddenly he had a solution.
Suddenly there's a blood-curdling howl-one that's not in the script.
Suddenly he becomes this crazy movie star off of that franchise.
The dogs, suddenly released, went racing toward him.
And that suddenly made you realize that poetry had taken your heart.
Suddenly, books by bloggers will be a trend, a cultural phenomenon.
It was as if after hobbling around with bound feet she were suddenly unbandaged and told to become a marathon runner.
She unrolled her window and flung the pit into a wind suddenly heavy with a smell of tornadoes.
When she reappears without the suit, she suddenly has her audience's attention.
But then you call back, using a different voice, and suddenly there is a party.
Then, as if suddenly remembering, she smiled at them.
He is shampooing his hair when suddenly he realizes: the show was about him.
These suddenly smudged images of consonance and peace.
Suddenly the truth snaps into place: it's a suicide drug.
As stocks stumble, fixed annuities are suddenly hotter.
Suddenly there is the shuddering impact of steel meeting solid, razor-sharp ice.
It's mind-boggling the way that news is suddenly old.
The driver's lane becomes an exit lane and suddenly bears to the right.
Depending on the type of dementia, these problems may develop slowly over months or years, or they may happen more suddenly.
The water, upon further heating, is violently ejected when a portion of it suddenly flashes into steam.

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