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Shoddy manufacturing is unlikely to explain the sudden failures observed.
The sudden addition of new people also makes your network look pretty strange.
But no one likes the traffic, the crowds, the sudden infusion of citified bustle and self-importance.
Apt to suffer from sudden dieback or borers add to my plant list.
The tunnels leading to the mining area bulge and swell and are prone to sudden rock-bursts.
Capital controls should be part of their defences, too, against sudden floods of foreign cash.
The explanation of this sudden arrival is a scientific conundrum.
When a sudden abnormality in the balance of the signals occurs, the result is a pattern of eye movements referred to as nystagmus.
To care for holiday gift plant, keep in a sunny window and avoid sudden temperature changes.
As the party laid out a picnic, a sudden downpour sent its members scurrying for cover.
Give bright light, warmth, no sudden temperature changes.
We asked what he thinks about this sudden expansion.
Now is not the time for sudden movements or full tilt changes of plan.
But this hardly warranted such a sudden move on the eve of a new school year.
Sudden movement along the fault causes the ground to shake.
Sneeze: to make a sudden violent spasmodic audible expiration of breath through the nose and mouth, especially as a reflex act.
The epidemiology suggests a steady increase in prevalence over time, not sudden increases at times of changes to the schedule.
In some cases, this sudden movement of sediment can completely transform a landscape.
Ie a sudden noise in a normally quiet environment is more distracting then a constant hum of activity.
Sometimes a sudden shift in color can be used to startle potential predators or threaten intruders.
It will come as one or two sudden jumps right at the end of the century.
The sudden dip in graphs describing their response gave the phenomenon its name.
They are delivering their job talk and all of the sudden notice a camera.
In addition, sudden oil wealth affords ample opportunity for corrupting the politicians who award contracts to foreign oil firms.
No one appreciated better than he the irony in the sudden desire for haste.
What a radical thing to spring on a setting all of a sudden.
There is a certain genius required to think things are possible, and then all of a sudden they are.
It is believed that almost all sudden deaths are caused by damage to the heart.
In the decade that followed, the lab mouse had a sudden and dramatic resurgence that continues today.
The flows appeared to come to a sudden halt, suggesting the material was thick-perhaps liquid filled with dirt and debris.
Imagine a high-rise tower that braces itself against sudden strong winds by distributing stresses.
It was not quite the sudden shift from litmus red to blue of an acid being neutralised by an alkali, but it was not far off.
Sudden and dramatic drops in barometric pressure are what produce the extremely high winds in tornadoes and hurricanes.
To some it refers to a sudden flash of insight, or even the spiritual experience of discovering a previously hidden truth.
Solar storms are powerful, sudden eruptions of plasma and magnetic energy.
All of a sudden the entire middle of the country shifts to blue and starts drinking vanilla chai lattes.
The fish die from the tremendous and sudden changes in temperature and pressure.
The sudden movement along the fault causes the ground to move forward and backward, heave up and down, or shift from side to side.
All of sudden there are these little fish in the tank.

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