suction cup in a sentence

Example sentences for suction cup

Each double-sided plastic hologram window figure comes with a plastic suction cup for window attachment.
For portable systems, you might note mounting options you require, such as a suction cup option or a movable extender arm.
If you pull a suction cup away from the surface it's attached to, the cup will strongly resist your efforts.
It's easy to affix it to your dash via a suction cup.
It also has dual speakers, a digital display, and an external wire antenna with a suction cup.
It attaches with a suction cup to the dashboard or windshield.
For bulb-changing, there's a suction cup or a spring-driven cage.
All ticks are wingless and have four pairs of legs, each containing a small suction cup.
These tags are attached from the small boat via a soft suction cup and can remain on the turtle for hours to days.

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You with the goo on the suction cup. You with your wires and electrodes fastened at my ankle and wrist, suc... more
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