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Many of them could resist the suction of even our industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.
Each is fitted with a roof for shade, a large motor on deck and a huge suction pipe running from the stern into the water.
Thanks guys, you have made the comments suction as interesting as the article itself.
One of the squirrels on my garden did good enough acrobatics to get to the feeder suction-cupped on the window.
But if you want to suck up, don't apply suction to lower-middle management, which is who drinks white wine.
If there is a worm in the fluid it is drawn towards the hole and held in place by the suction.
BP is keeping mum, but it does say that the plume of leaking oil looks significantly different now that suction is being applied.
The torrent loach uses suction cups to hold its position.
Suction might have helped it contend with agile prey such as sharks, they observe.
If the vacuum or suction thus created is great enough, water will rise up through the straw.
We tag whales with sophisticated digital acoustic recorders, attached with suction cups.
By reversing the suction on the vacuum, the medium was blown onto the roof.
They can manipulate things pretty well with tentacles and suction pads.
The team's previous research ruled out two other possible forms of adhesion: suction and chemical bonding.
She finds the spider and either flicks it into a vial with a spoon or uses a suction device.
Tree frogs have suction disks on their fingers and toes that help them stick to leaves.
The writer's job was to hold the suction wand that pulled the blood out of the operating field.
In his left hand he wielded a tiny suction tube, which removed excess blood.
It can be used on the suction table without any pressure at all.
Most fish don't really use their jaws for biting so much as they use them for clamping down on prey they've suction-fed in.
If it actually did create enough suction to pull wax out of your ear, it would likely pop your eardrum as well.
At the same time, she measured their heart rate with a suction-cup electrocardiogram.
Held to the end of the colonoscope by suction, the polyp was withdrawn.
The needle has a tube attached to it, which creates suction.
They are called suction vortexes and are responsible for the strongest winds at the surface.
The individual vortices in a multiple vortex tornado are indeed called suction vortices.
The panel has a hole at each end for hooking, tying, bungee-ing or screwing in the supplied suction cups.
Aquatic carnivorous bladderworts catch prey with suction traps.
It's easy to affix it to your dash via a suction cup.
Suction-cup mount a bit tricky in cars with deep dashes.
Small or not, the traps are masterpieces of suction.

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