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Example sentences for sucrose

Photosynthesis generates sucrose, or table sugar, which is broken down into glucose and the sweeter fructose during ripening.
Usually one orders by degree, which is a rating not of amount of alcohol in the beer, but percent of sucrose extract by weight.
The body does process fructose differently from sucrose, which is table sugar.
It seems clear that caries-causing organisms prefer sugars-specifically sucrose-as a primary energy source.
Here you can see the results for the sucrose drinking rats exposed to chronic stress.
The enzyme splits sucrose into fructose and glucose, researchers found, then adds the glucose to the growing plaque strings.
For example, it secretes an enzyme called invertase that breaks the sugar sucrose in half, forming glucose and fructose.
And some sugars, such as sucrose and trehalose, can protect cells from the damaging effects of freezing.
Then she brushes on sucrose to test my sense of sweet, citric acid to test sour, and quinine to test bitter.
Drugs that can increase specific gravity measurements include dextran and sucrose.
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