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The larva pierces the spider's tough skin and sucks its blood for sustenance.
Then it threads its proboscis into a vein in the gills and sucks the shark's blood.
It is not a mosquito that sucks the blood of mammals but rather one that lives off its host plant.
When it does, it produces a vacuum effect that sucks coastal water seaward and exposes harbor and sea floors.
Modern travel gives us certainty and well-defined timetables-and sucks all of the sentiment out of our departures.
The low pressure sucks water in, carrying the animal along with it.
It sucks to be called a hypocrite, which is why there's an emphasis on the else.
It really sucks to suggest that you shouldn't point out campus resources that might actually help the student.
It is true that academia sucks, but so does every other field, and that has nothing to do with this situation.
Extra salt is then shunted into the blood stream, which sucks up excess water into the blood, increasing volume and pressure.
If this is their way of controlling the population it sucks.
It sucks up what little moisture resides in dry land, producing more droughts.
But when a mosquito sucks some toasty warm blood, its body temperature can rocket up.
Nationally, energy production sucks more water from freshwater sources than any other sector except agriculture.
Most modern art and architecture sucks for that reason.
After the plants die they drift to the bottom and their decomposition sucks the oxygen out of the seawater.
It also would confirm my complaints over the last forty-five years that having to work for a living sucks.
One reason is that nothing sucks the energy out of a protest movement faster than winning power.
It always sucks when you have to live within your means.
As far as the many losers of globalization are concerned, the present sucks.
When you put the discs by a slot on the right side, the computer practically sucks them in.
No one wants change, and that's why this world sucks.
Unless you think a stand-up father and businessman who has and has had a great marriage and normal kids is sucks.
It triggers intricate chemical reactions and sucks poisons from the environment.
Cooling a food sucks energy out of it so that its molecules move more slowly.
No, the real reason science sucks is that it makes us look bad.
Her shtick demonstrates that she's a keen observer of all that sucks around us.
The ugly head darts up once more and sucks in the hapless four-pound body.
It sucks people are using this for recreation yes, but keep in mind the people that it helps.
Because there is something about graduate school that sucks the creatively and thinking skills right out of them.
Debora, your grasp of basic statistics sucks as bad as your grammar, spelling and punctuation.
When algae dies and decomposes, the process sucks much of the oxygen out of the water.
And then there's ethanol, the production of which sucks up grain and cropland that could be used for food.
The motor in the base of the fan sucks in air and pushes it up into the ring.
Kind of a nicely sung and interesting chorus, but the rest of it sucks.
After he latches onto them, he sucks the energy out of the homes, causing their energy to flicker.
The mosquito, if it sucks the blood of an organism would by this definition be considered an ectoparasite.

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