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Example sentences for suckle

When they nurse they suckle desperately, thrusting out their tongue.
After the first week, mothers hunt for fish by day and suckle their pups by night.
Others suckle your scalp to extract your bodily fluids for sustenance.
The pups-who depend on her milk for six months-can now suckle again.
They lose condition, especially because new calves suckle and drain their mothers further.
Suckle did not recommend cervical steroid injections because this might cause bleeding at the site of insertion of the needle.
When present, calves will be weighed and milk production will be estimated using the weigh-suckle-weigh technique.
Within a few weeks of birth, lambs form bands of their own, seeking out their mothers to suckle only occasionally.
Although calves will eat solid food before one year of age, they continue to suckle for several years.
Milk production will then be estimated using a modified weigh-suckle-weigh technique and portable milking machine.

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