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It seems to me the mosquito release a liquid to facilitate sucking the blood.
Sucking insects, primarily leafhoppers, transmit this disease that infects asters and many other plants.
It can even make infestations by sucking insects worse by destroying their natural enemies.
Imaginations really run wild with the carnivorous, blood-sucking vampire bat, as well.
Prey touch tiny trigger hairs that release the door, which opens inward, sucking in the prey to their doom.
She sits there sucking down the water and spouting it forth.
Another calls for constructing a vast network of tubes for sucking cold water from the depths of the sea to the surface.
The floodwaters had receded, and their steps made a sucking sound.
After emptying the traps, he spent three minutes around each one, sucking up live ants with the aspirator.
Jennings had a nervous habit of eating paper and a mannered way of sucking on sugar cubes.
Keeping after the loafers, sucking up to the grinds: that's no way to run a business.
The whole consumer finance sector is essentially a giant money-sucking machine, from us to them.
It's awful to hear that giant sucking sound, but let's keep our heads up and swim across the current.
But he could almost hear that one fish sucking for air on the dock.
Enjoy the craft of poetry and leave the art of sucking up and schmoozing to others.
He sulks, sucking his paws and glaring at those who don't share his political and philosophical quirks.
There is a reason there are no oil simmers and super tankers sucking this up as offered by other countries.
Video downloads are sucking up bandwidth at an unprecedented rate.
Instead of worry about sucking every dollar of toll out of you, the road authority should be building better roads.
Elephants are fond of water and enjoy showering by sucking water into their trunks and spraying it all over themselves.
They were small and had downward-pointing, jawless mouths, indicating they lived by sucking and filtering food from the seabed.
Within seconds water was surging through his house, sucking away the mud walls and everything else.
The plant takes root in old, mature trees, weakening them by sucking their food and water.
Includes a zoo and a pacifier pit where kids ceremoniously part with their sucking equipment.
Have the same student that has been sucking through the straws try to do so again.
Nitrogen acts as a fertilizer in oceans, and is a main cause of oxygen-sucking algae blooms called dead zones.
As an insect releases the trap door, water fills the bladder, sucking the insect in with it.
Squeeze or push the handle on the pump that is attached to the siphon to start the sucking, or siphoning, of the standing water.
The cysts are thought to be caused by sucking the lip membranes between the teeth.
The pumping plants were sucking in the fish and grinding them up.
The economic boom in the south-east-which is growing twice as fast as the rest of the country-is meanwhile sucking people in.
The global construction downturn has begun sucking in firms that would indisputably benefit from an infrastructure stimulus.
Some think that a slowdown in the sucking up has already begun.
They cant expect to make a profit if they have these old jets sucking down the jet fuel.
Yet lively, sensuous writing saves this plotless novel from thumb-sucking or preachiness.
Astronomers have captured the best-ever image of a star sucking the gas away from its bloated, dying companion.
They would create their own weather and start sucking air through bottom.
The case's handle works as a pump to remove air, sucking the soft clothes down into a thin layer.
They talk power meters and the feasibility of sensors that can measure which gadget is sucking down what power.
Wattage labels correlate to the amount of electricity consumed, not sucking power.
Apple says it does this to prevent random programs from sucking down your battery and degrading your phone's performance.
Nasa is only one of a hundred such programs sucking up tax payer money.
Greenhouse gas-sucking rubber ducks could be in the future.
But it's also about smarter meters that reveal exactly what is sucking up all that juice.
When sucking down hot blood, a mosquito exudes a small bead of the meal for evaporative cooling.
Some blood-sucking bugs can sense the temperature of their warm-blooded hosts.
It would have been a serene tableau, except for the air-sucking whomp of artillery shells.
They were sucking the marrow from the bones of their dead shipmates.
Its sucking mouth will draw out congested blood and maintain circulation until the patient's body creates new blood-flow channels.
Aphids, those sap-sucking foes of gardeners, come in a variety of colours.
Facial responses to sucrose were characterized primarily by facial relaxation and sucking.
He collected the bees by sucking the swarm off the plane with vacuuming tool.
They catch their prey with slippery water-filled pitchers, fast-snapping traps, sticky leaves and sucking bladders.
Be careful that could end up sucking all your time away from your other endeavors.
Try this by clenching your jaw, sucking in air through your teeth or inhaling through your nose.

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