suck up in a sentence

Example sentences for suck up

The anteater can suck up water and be used as a watering can.
Pumps in its flanks suck up some of the melted water, which is reheated and pumped back out through the nose.
They've begun to formulate opinions about which toys will be hits, and which ones will merely suck up shelf space.
Vacuum the luggage again to suck up the dead bedbugs, then discard the vacuum bag immediately.
Students will usually jump on an easy opportunity to suck up, even anonymously, while you still have power over their grades.
Scientists believe that waterspouts and tornadoes can suck up the surfaces and lakes, marshes, and other bodies of water.
They then bury their bills, or even their entire heads, and suck up both mud and water to access the tasty morsels within.
The earthworms excrete a slightly different version of the metals, making them easier for plants to suck up.
There is a good bit of nutritious moisture in dung, and adult beetles suck up that juice.
Transpiration-the process by which plants suck up groundwater and evaporate it into the atmosphere-is another and opposite matter.
Even as the waters rise, many coasts will be sinking because of the subsidence that follows as cities suck up groundwater.
Everyone is going to have to suck up the consequences, and those countries with better regulations, will fare better.
The nutrients feed algal blooms, which suck up the oxygen in the water.
They also suck up electricity: those halogen lamps alone have wiped out all the gains achieved by compact fluorescent bulbs.
They live in poverty suck up to professors, and publish, for one must publish to be tenured.
But if you want to suck up, don't apply suction to lower-middle management, which is who drinks white wine.
Bacteria and other microbes suck up and blast out vast amounts of greenhouse gases.
Get on the bandwagon, play politics, suck up to the influential few.
At this point, any uninfected mosquito that bites you will suck up red blood cells.
The company has a fleet of vessels that suck up oil in shallow waters.
They crawl onto exposed skin, inject a mild anesthetic and suck up a small amount of blood.
They then crush the prey with their chelicerae and suck up the juices.
Sturgeon feed on the bottom using their highly protrusible mouth to suck up their food.
The hummingbird uses its long proboscis to suck up nectar.
Sturgeon feed on the bottom using their flexible mouth, which can stick out from their faces, to suck up their food.
Later, the second star can swell up, allowing the neutron star to suck up its matter.
With their small mouths and rasping lips they suck up ooze and nibble algae or other plants.
They have a toothless mouth underneath their long snout to suck up small fish and invertebrates.
The mouthparts of this insect shred plant tissue and then suck up the resulting plant sap.
Humidity drops in wintertime, and the heating systems of our homes and workplaces suck up what little moisture is in the air.
Worker bees also suck up nectar with their lapping mouthparts.
As data centers suck up energy, money, tech industry looks to turn down the heat.
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