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One recently rejected candidate was described as a suck up.
Scramjet engines have no moving parts and instead simply suck in all the oxygen they need from the air to burn hydrogen fuel.
Infected cells draw the filopodia in and actually suck in the tips of the filaments.
Apnea decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood, and eventually this lack of oxygen triggers the lungs to suck in air.
Students will usually jump on an easy opportunity to suck up, even anonymously, while you still have power over their grades.
The nutrients feed algal blooms, which suck up the oxygen in the water.
They suck plant juices, turning the leaves stippled yellow.
The point is, if someone is determined to suck you into the politics of your department, there may be little you can do about it.
Despite their name, hen fleas are happy to suck blood from other birds.
By using these enzymes, and their gnashing fangs, the spiders liquefy their prey's bodies and suck up the resulting fluid.
Imagine trying to get this big fleet into position in enough time to suck the life out of a storm.
Wi-Fi itself is fine, but the act of looking for a new network to access can suck the life right out of your battery.
Some also claim that the villages suck in resources from neighbouring districts, rather than spreading the benefits outwards.
Scientists believe that waterspouts and tornadoes can suck up the surfaces and lakes, marshes, and other bodies of water.
So what they do is they suck up a lot of the oxygen.
The electric motor can suck electricity much faster than the old type lithium-ion cell can provide it.
Whatever the spur, it is clear that this is the beginning of a consolidation that will suck in more companies.
Filter feeders suck water that contains food into the back of their mouths, then use their tongues to push the water forward.
The earthworms excrete a slightly different version of the metals, making them easier for plants to suck up.
The shaman will then suck out negative energy through the patient's skin and then spit it out.
The more saliva she pours down one tube in her proboscis, the faster she can suck up blood through another.
Instead, they pump digestive fluids into their prey, then suck up the dissolved body parts.
Rather, they filter-feed on plankton and other small marine creatures, which they suck into their open mouths as they swim.
They then exude an enzyme that liquefies the flesh, which they suck into their stomachs.
There is a good bit of nutritious moisture in dung, and adult beetles suck up that juice.
With its jawless toothy mouth adapted to suck the blood of fish, the sea lamprey is a ferocious parasite.
Stiff whiskers help locate clams and other shellfish, which they hold with their lips to suck out the soft tissue.
The beetles scavenge for droppings of various animals and suck out the liquid.
Wood chips and dead leaves may suck moisture from the other composting materials if added in bulk.
Wicking panels on sides and back suck out excess moisture.
They open their mouths, suck water in and filter it for the plankton that is their food.
Higher returns would suck money into farming, leading to higher yields, bigger harvests and stable or falling food prices.
And if your boss hates you, we'll teach you how to suck up so he'll be your best friend forever.
It loads them up with dangerous amounts of debt, to suck out capital for its investors.
If you normally cook fish twice a week and now you can't stand it, your partner will have to suck it up.
But if it is somewhere you might want to work, suck it up and go.
If they do, they'll fail anyway because the papers will suck.
People become depressed because their lives suck and they are powerless to change it.
From my experience it is best for you to suck it up and go with the flow.
Ticks can grab onto people's skin and suck their blood.
Even as the waters rise, many coasts will be sinking because of the subsidence that follows as cities suck up groundwater.
It's the littler things that come with fights that suck.
They live in poverty suck up to professors, and publish, for one must publish to be tenured.
They also suck up electricity: those halogen lamps alone have wiped out all the gains achieved by compact fluorescent bulbs.
Okay, maybe this will really suck in the short term, but it's necessary to get us on a long term sustainable fiscal path.
He could neither govern nor administer, nor organize, nor do anything but suck the blood of this fair province.
If you are not dumpster diving for meals, suck it up and stay on your adviser's good side.
The demise of that tradition of film criticism would really suck.
Not only could application performance suffer, but desktop apps could also suck battery capacities dry.
Suck it up, people, this isn't a presidential election.
One is the installation near bat caves and flight routes of wind turbines, which suck bats into their blades.
If he thought that citrus fruit would do him good, he would suck one lemon after another.
Moving forward the train would suck current from the batteries.
You'll be heating up your garage, too, which will suck in the summer.
Not only does it suck out excess blood, but its saliva contains a powerful blood thinner.
Oil rigs and mines create few jobs, it points out, and tend to suck in resources from other industries.
The unions want higher wages, backed by a statutory minimum wage, which would boost domestic demand and suck in more imports.
Their manufacturing is great, their financial divisions suck.
In the basic nuclear transfer technique, scientists use an extremely fine needle to suck the genetic material from a mature egg.
If you suck, you won't get hired in the first place.
Public praise has become that way because no one wants to be perceived as a smarmy suck-up.
Stick them in your shoes, and they suck out any moisture.
Get a life, don't complain that you all suck, and don't root for my team.
As excess plant matter sinks to the seafloor, microbes rot it and suck oxygen out of the water in the process.
The sharpshooter uses a needlelike mouthpart to suck fluids from trees and plants.
At this point, any uninfected mosquito that bites you will suck up red blood cells.
Unable to create any nourishment on its own, it had to suck out the life blood of another, damaging it in the process.
And the thing is, the target audience already expects it to suck, which means it won't do well.
While it would suck to have one of those happen, and they are technically dangers, it's not correct to call it dangerous.
If it's supremely dense it will collapse and tear space and suck everything in it including light.
Later mutations could have fine-tuned it so that it could suck in citrate quickly.
She can suck, kick and open one eye but may not have consciousness.
As an engineer, he was also aware oil drills suck up natural gas with crude.
Sure, the foreign press says they suck, but it has been saying that for years.
Also, the promo's for the next week's ep really suck this season.
Attic fans can suck air down flues causing spillage.

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