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Cleaning experts recommend travelers use antiseptic wipes on surfaces such as armrests and tray tables.
The family get-together could also be planned for a specific place such as a community nature center.
Smoke particles slightly larger than air molecules scatter slightly longer wavelengths, such as yellows.
Only the grit was useful, mostly for industrial applications such as dental drills and hacksaw blades.
To watch out for predators-such as leopards, pythons, servals and birds-rock hyraxes will form a circle.
Run cool water over foods with smooth surfaces, such as apples and melons.
Shapely blooms that hold their petals well, such as many hybrid tea roses.
If you're going to splurge, consider something custom-designed, such as a light fixture.
Use an acid-forming fertilizer, such as a blend formulated for rhododendrons and azaleas.
Grow water-tolerant plants such as shrub willows in the basin.
She paired the bargain finds with high-end partners, such as standard tiles with expensive faucets, to get the look she wanted.
The circulating heat can be a liability for delicate baked goods such as custards.
Can foods that taste much better in season than out of season, such as tomatoes.
Supplement existing plants, such as the azaleas and ferns pictured above, with an edging of white cyclamen.
Local townspeople tolerated his presence because they liked to buy the goods he stole, such as cloth and sugar.
More than five million people die each year from water-related diseases such as cholera and dysentery.
Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, generate power without depleting natural resources in the process.
People still move for these reasons, but new reasons for human migration are arising, such as job relocation and overpopulation.
The key with sunsets is that you have to have subject matter, such as this boardwalk and people.
Nature can provide for everyday needs such as writing ink.
Shea butter soothes many skin conditions, such as sunburn.
The first primates were little-changed descendants of primitive insect-eating mammals such as these.
Firms with excess computing capacity, such as data centres, put it up for sale.
So are steps such as moving more transactions online, to reduce contact with officials.
Most reward people for having their vital signs tested and hitting goals such as lowering blood pressure or burning off flab.
Hundreds of them were employed by big companies that needed to do a lot of number-crunching, such as aeroplane manufacturers.
Even when majors are looked at by groups, such as business or health, there is variation in pay depending on the specific major.
The additional places are for students pursuing subjects important to the country, such as environment and health.
Private loans lack the protections provided by federal loans, such as caps on interest rates.
Eye gaze is critically important to social primates such as humans.
Microbes currently are used in mining to help recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
Scientific uncertainty often becomes an excuse to ignore long-term problems, such as climate change.
The process usually begins with the release of chemicals such as histamine or leukotrienes.
While often expensive and invasive, it is also extremely good for many things, such as medical and surgical emergencies.
Actually using them in non-lab environments, such as deserts or mountains, can result in a higher rate of unexploded ordinance.
Conventional treatments such as psychotherapy and medication had failed.
So they applied to other groups, such as plants and fungi.
It also suggests that it may worryingly easy for viruses such as influenza to turn into new epidemics.
Please do not send us any unsolicited original creative materials such as stories or ideas, screenplays, or original artwork.
Many things predicted by the theory of relativity, such as gravitons, have never been found despite much searching for them.
One type forms when an area experiences a large-scale crime increase, such as when a park is overrun by drug dealers.
Climate experts have long warned that global warming could bring an increase in extreme weather, such as hurricanes and drought.
That's the pattern that has evolved in other land vertebrates, such as in horses.
Safer materials for lithium-ion batteries already exist and are available in products such as power tools.
Other, noninvasive tests such as cardiac ultrasound are less risky, but not as accurate.
But later models could incorporate fuel cells or other unconventional generators, such as free-piston engines.
Synthetic biologists try to systematically reengineer cells to do something useful, such as make biofuels.
But as bandwidth demand soars for applications such as streaming video, the wireless industry is having trouble delivering.
People can create projects that range from blinking light shows to more sophisticated efforts such as robotics.
His work became more focused on readymades, such as kitchen appliances.
But the frequency of some diagnoses, such as bipolar disease and autism, has soared.
But aside from limited instances, such as the expulsion of a member, it does not follow that the founders wanted supermajorities.
We haven't included obvious items such as flour, salt and pepper and butter or margarine.
Annual vines, such as canary vine, offer a new look each year.
They also recite prayers, chant songs, eat special foods such as potato latkes and exchange gifts such as dreidels.
Ground meat products such as burgers and taco fillings are among the nation's dietary mainstays.
If the evolution is a boat race, it can be broken down into even smaller objectives such as paddling.

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