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Even when majors are looked at by groups, such as business or health, there is variation in pay depending on the specific major.
First open an account with a specific goal, such as funding a vacation.
They also argued that such immunity is intended to shield individual officials, and not governing boards, from liability.
Economists argue that such small-scale graft does great damage.
No other place promises such easy and overwhelming immersion in the wild world.
Firms with excess computing capacity, such as data centres, put it up for sale.
The loss of such cars saddened enthusiasts, but rarely has a vehicle's demise occasioned an actual funeral.
It is only the second report of such a speedy change in geomagnetic direction.
Such projects would also be vulnerable to political manipulation.
They won't, it is simply too expensive, for any one company to handle the projects such as the grid.
The new studies give insight into how and when such traits evolved.
He tallies up such an thorough inventory of the rebel arsenal that he's practically auditing their quartermasters.
Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, generate power without depleting natural resources in the process.
These vines are excellent choices for latticework supports such as chain-link fences and lath trellises.
Our political system sometimes produces such skewed results that it's difficult not to blame bloviating politicians.
The regents acted after high-profile cases raised concerns about such conflicts.
Yet it is a reflection of how things are changing in the media business that such an outcome is unlikely.
Leadership is such an intangible quality, but it's really clear when you see it.
The pressure eventually reached such a level that the president disbanded the board.
Helping such anarchic places to improve their governance a bit has many benefits.
Such preferences leave a disproportionate number of smaller animals and plants to reproduce.
Apple has a history of quashing such hacks with future software updates.
Allowing a higher percentage of ethanol in gasoline will not make us less dependent on such foreign energy sources.
Efforts to create such a definition have their champions and their skeptics.
Beyond such economic damage, however, rats pose health hazards.
Such agreements often result in cost savings because of the increased volume of purchases made by the group.
In the past, such markers would often have been cultural, since local physical differences would have been minimal.
Some crystals, such as diamonds, can be stunningly beautiful.
Such a hijacker virus uses cellular machinery to control the process of building proteins and thereby replicates itself.
Such fertilizers are named according to the plant they're intended to nourish.
But our group's deepest value lies beyond such practical matters.
Tangible goods such as mugs, as opposed to abstract goods such as vouchers for mugs, probably are too.
The study suggests that such a scenario may already be unfolding in the amphibian world.
Such systems, fortunately, are starting to take shape.
Moving is when smaller groups, such as a family, travel to and make their home in a new place.
Putting together such agreements after the fact is challenging.
Such subtleties tend to be lost on public exchanges.
Living in the shadow of such a horrendous catastrophe didn't faze us.
Such a vast amount of money is unlikely to be available over the next decade.
To encourage such growth in houseplants, fertilize the plant to be layered, then place it in a sunny window.
Such contracts deprive insurers of the opportunity to recalibrate risks.
The reason such margins are possible is that the readership, though small, is almost guaranteed.
Such information may help predict a drug's benefits and side effects.
He made collages from pulpy ephemera such as starlet photographs and astronomical maps.
Such polemic may entertain its writers, if not its readers, but does little to advance the debate.
On such a day here, the surrounding peaks stab into clouds while fog droops into valleys below.
Containers of flowers, such as the pelargoniums and petunias shown in the photo, add dashes of seasonal color.
It's easy to recognize larger pests, such as deer and rabbits--but it's not so simple with the smaller ones.
Attractive when planted in large sweeps in areas where lawns don't succeed, such as under trees.
Grow water-tolerant plants such as shrub willows in the basin.
It's not that such a moment, one that transforms an afternoon walk into a lifelong memory, couldn't happen in another town.
Known as agritourism, such activities are becoming an important economic boost for many farmers.
It was refreshing to see such a colorful clutch after a season of so many neutral handbags.
Such are the brute facts of biology, which can only evolve because some living things are better at reproducing than others.
The more to feel, by such record, how that my wealth doth bate.
There has never been any reasonable cause for such apprehension.
Some projects, such as switching to more efficient light bulbs, require little or no investment.
The large travel expenses, such as the plane tickets and hotel, aren't the only things to consider.
Not everyone can take advantage of such premier cards.
The ocean model forecasts seasonal changes in oceanic variables, such as sea surface temperature and ocean currents.
Again, such subtle differences underscore the importance of reading the prospectus to make sure you know what you're buying.
Such innovations will have to continue since the future is likely to be even hotter, according to the scientists.
Eye gaze is critically important to social primates such as humans.
Quantum entanglement is such a mainstay of modern physics that it is worth reflecting on how long it took to emerge.
Genius and creative thinking are neither encouraged by nor appreciated in such an environment.
For such a theory to be acceptable, results obtained from it must be consistent with the results obtained from the experiments.
No such thing exists, neither in the smallest known quanta, nor the visible universe.
Microbes currently are used in mining to help recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
But they caution that virus surveillance systems are ill-equipped to detect such mutations arising in flu viruses.
Such experiences should produce memories that are long lasting and strong.
The tips of such a tree show organisms that are alive today.
The possible places for the deployment of such vehicles goes outside the major cities.
In their minds, there is no such thing as defeat so long as they are still fighting, even from prison.
There were several reasons why this was an opportune time for such an event.
It combats crime by such reformative and essentially non punitive means as probation and psychiatric help in and out of prisons.
Such monopolies, always valuable, are increasingly lucrative.
The main flaw in such saving schemes is that there's nothing in them for the kids.
Such a settlement must be designed not only to protect our own vital interests.
We should pursue broad policies, such as investment in education and progressive income taxation.
Such people as there are cannot be spared from their chosen professions.
Yet the algorithm is constructed in such a way that to decipher the message the recipient must know both p and q individually.
But engineers developing such embedded technologies face a big obstacle: power.
Others argue that the discovery of megafauna such as whales prompted stories of dragons.
Such elaborately decorated conveyances were reserved for the shogun's family, especially his brides.
For instance, some suggested that coloration was directly caused by external factors such as climate, light or diet.
Although some would consider increased rainfall a blessing for such an arid region, it can be a headache for preservationists.
Only the grit was useful, mostly for industrial applications such as dental drills and hacksaw blades.
Conventional wisdom says such discoveries should not be happening now.
The relationship between brain size and group size has also been observed in other social mammals, such as carnivores and whales.
Such a combination makes some students nearly unteachable.
Professors often lack the administrative know-how to manage the nuts and bolts of such trips.
In such a context, a college education needs more than ever to enable students to understand the world and find their place in it.
For one thing, he rarely cracks jokes in his taped lectures, because such quips seem strange in the vacuum of the studio.
Such opportunities send undergraduate and graduate students abroad to work with local nonprofits and other community partners.
It may be that such answers really do reflect the thoughtfully considered priorities of the candidate in question.
Which is why barnacles, algae, and other marine organisms that glom onto hulls or bodies are such pests.
Similar studies have suggested stem cells' potential for conditions such as diabetes and spinal cord injury.
Handling and consuming animal products, such as pork, can transmit some viruses.
Even the light from such a star is unable to escape its immense gravitational pull.
It was a first for such a major breaking news story.
Pairing such students with others who are more comfortable with the mathematical concepts may be helpful.
Modern bony fish such as cod, herring, and coelacanths have this tooth arrangement.
Students can identify and research local forest issues-in particular, threats to forests, such as fires and insect infestation.
Such books are usually harmless, if slightly fact-challenged.
Of course, such events can cause immense hardship to individuals and businesses.
Few companies find themselves in such a privileged position.
Because everybody knows everybody else, such groups can run with a minimum of bureaucracy.
However, for a number of years researchers have been investigating materials that might be able to provide such protection.
The general worldwide decline in trade barriers, such as tariffs and import quotas, is surely one explanation.
The trick, then, is to identify such trendsetting subscribers and keep them on board with special discounts and promotions.
Unfortunately, there is no sign of such a thing becoming available soon.
Such swathes of digital desert are still rare in the blogosphere.
Ideally such information would be part of each communication.
Fans of such services gush that they will mint money by allowing ads to be targeted at folk who are about to make a purchase.
But the networks must negotiate some important hurdles first if such lofty predictions are to come true.
Such technology is also providing better information on the costs of such mishaps when they do occur.
Both places offer numerous financial products, such as exchange-traded funds linked to indices, that can be shorted.
Its by-products are also the basis of many of the materials, such as plastics, from which cars are made.
Such antibodies recognise and attach themselves to these molecules, rendering them harmless.
What if his credit-card records show purchases of gadgets such as timing devices.
Several countries have reduced the scope of such lists drastically.
Must be intense stuff to be dangerous at such low levels.
They are such a versatile food that can be used for anything from starters to main dishes to desserts.
Which wouldn't have worked if she weren't such a culinary magician.
Such a broad social development seems to require an explanation on the same scale.
They look for explanations in their guidebooks: such-and-such a century, such-and-such a style.
As such, it is an extension of conventional warfare.
So a simple task such as putting away groceries can become quite complicated.
Instead, such patients could be aided by an artificial but biosynthetic implant.
When gliders collide, they can form more complex objects such as glider guns.
The benefits are clear, such as easy, on-demand access to huge computing resources.
The contents of consciousness are our subjective experience, such as the taste of coffee.
That's because environmental factors such as nutrition, sunlight also influence growth and shape.
Such materials could offer a more effective way to deliver drugs or imaging agents to the interior of a cell.
And it clearly has implications for the study of other complex structures that ants create, such as their nests.
Certainly, such a feature will be handy for anyone trying to coordinate a project from different locations.
We should realize, this effect is based on interference of light and a such it can be easily reversed.
These guys have carried out a molecular dynamics simulation to study how such a process might work.
Such a material could be a bonanza for medicine, too.
The mechanisms they use to do that are a big topic of research since higher animals have trouble pulling off such tricks.
Such an extrapolation is simply not a scientifically solid prediction.
Layer after layer of procedures and protocols were in place for such an event, and apparently have worked as planned.
There are tantalizing hints that our universe has already survived such a collision-and bears the scars to prove it.
There were nine such beasts in the celestial menagerie.
Conventional treatments such as psychotherapy and medication had failed.
The notion that our bodies can engage in such weighty deliberation shouldn't be surprising.
Adding such statements to the system as further axioms does no good.
It was no worse than many other such establishments: the food was bad, the building underheated, physical punishment the norm.
For such an all-embracing system to die, almost everyone expected that it would have to be killed.
Popper's philosophy does hold open such disturbing possibilities.
Other aspects of government rhetoric, however, suggest that even the sources of such statements do not quite believe them.
There should be conscientious reflection, and the learning of lessons, so that such things never happen again.
And with such a people you can then do what you please.
Such behavior seemed to many people inexplicably withdrawn from society, and hostile to it.
When they appear it is usually within quotations from written texts or from tape transcripts published as such.
In such cases, the details tended to be extravagant.
At the time, such an appellation was hardly far-fetched.
Still, up close, such lack of restraint doesn't necessarily seem so threatening.
Given such heterogeneities, leaders must be vague, ambiguous and inconsistent.
Thus, fat spills over into parts of the body such as the heart, liver and pancreas.
Getting a decent night's sleep shouldn't be such a crapshoot.
In determining the risk of developing diabetes, environmental factors such as food intake and exercise play an important role.

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