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Example sentences for succinctly

The sociologist started with an excerpt from my posting and then succinctly offered his rejoinder.
Rare is the organization that can state its mission so succinctly.
He's presented relevant information logically, clearly, and succinctly.
Thank you for putting my thoughts on the movie so succinctly.
The intense desire to summarize the cause of suicide so succinctly is quite understandable.
Brilliant article- sums up what has happened in our economy succinctly.
The cover letter is an opportunity to show how well one writes and how carefully and succinctly one can articulate one's ideas.
But these sections of the book are succinctly abbreviated.
He did it succinctly and then moved on to the business of the country.
Ask him, succinctly and directly, whether he would be willing to contribute a reference on your behalf.
So say what you have to say, as succinctly as possible.
Nonetheless, prevention is always better than cure, as succinctly pointed out by the writer.
Yet none of these experts can explain succinctly why they expect this breakthrough to occur.
If they can't explain why well and succinctly, they get trashed.
He was fascinated by the haiku of taxicab communication-the way drivers and dispatchers succinctly convey locations by radio.
These life stories are all told succinctly, interestingly, and without sentimentality.
The criticisms were meaningful and succinctly stated and entertaining.

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