succinct in a sentence

Example sentences for succinct

The inscription that inspired me was succinct and to the point.
To be clear and succinct: my point was not about political parties.
Long winded but succinct, ergo only the known physical world exists.
His breakdown is succinct, clear and not intimidating for us non-scientists.
Temperature is merely a succinct encapsulation of this average.
Everything should be professional, succinct, and measured.
Twitter used to be a cool place to share your succinct thoughts.
After you've said what you needed to say, cap the letter off with a succinct and sincere salutation.
All these centuries later, this insight remains a succinct summary of the modern conception of matter.
What a wonderfully succinct, but complete, way of explaining it all.
At both shows, fans sang along to his poetically succinct lyrics, which he delivers in a punchy and sincere style.
Communication skills-the ability to think on your feet, formulate ideas, and relate them in a succinct manner.

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The slogan offers a counterweight to the general dispersion of thought by holding it fast to a single, utterly suc... more
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