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What worries him now is the choice of his successor.
First, an interim chief must provide day-to-day leadership so that an effective search for a permanent successor can be conducted.
If history is a guide, the politicians could wrangle for months over his successor.
Once his successor is appointed, he will return to the faculty.
It is almost as if there is an inversely proportional relationship between his fortunes and those of his struggling successor.
His successor will probably be four decades younger than him, and appointments are for life.
He will remain in the post until a successor is hired.
The board will also begin the process of naming an interim president and searching for a successor.
Shareholders' objections forced the putative successor to stand down.
There's no guarantee that his successor will make completing the station a priority.
Anyone can puff up short-term returns, but sometimes the successor has to foot the bill.
One prime minister departs, but his successor may not find life much easier.
Yet the president has conspicuously failed to groom a successor.
After all, one way to secure a sort of immortality is to pick one's own successor.
Her successor had little of either, and even more of religious self-consciousness and effusive sentimentality.
The merit belongs to the beginner should his successor do even better.
His behaviour in this laborious charge was that of a true successor of the apostles.
Most of his closest military and political commanders have already been arrested or killed, and he has no known successor.
These successor categories all have the quality of sounding more scientific, which is no coincidence.
My boss ignored my parting advice and my successor has increased the number of recruiting trips.
Daddy will always pick him as his successor over the moe qualified business school grad.
He may also need to help the college look for a successor.
His boss's successor, too, was willing to look the other way.
The predecessor's experience is used to determine the successor's tax rate.

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