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Her father gave her to a succession of six unpleasant foster families, the final one abusive.
The science of ecological succession tells us that such areas are important.
From an external perspective atoms can rotate randomly over a succession of frames with respect to one another.
So begins the succession from country to suburban to sprawl.
So that's six buttons you have to alternate between in rapid-fire succession.
There's nothing in here about the crucial question of succession.
Betraying no hint of boredom or resentment, he answered a succession of anodyne questions from reporters.
Directly to the north of the hotel, a succession of cross streets glowed as if each held a dawn.
Their aim is to encourage innovation and succession.
The national leadership has solved the internal problem of political succession, but it remains fundamentally insecure.
No limits were placed on how many methods could be used at once, or for how many days in succession.
For the second week in succession there was a distinct change in the trend of wholesale commodities prices this week.
The economy is on a historic run, posting a succession of double-digit growth rates.
Dynastic connections are not new in politics and are pervasive features of political succession in many countries.
But when a close friend died, she became depressed and suffered a succession of falls.
There's also a succession of formal supervisory reviews.
Candour about the succession would be unwise: those who are not picked might quit.
HP not only launched a succession of world-changing products, such as the pocket calculator.
Even allowing for changes in the method of recording, crime seems to be rising after falling for five years in succession.
Finally, mentoring is an effective succession planning strategy that benefits the organization in numerous ways.
Succession planning is a mundane but necessary aspect of corporate life.
Each building is not so much a discrete object as a complicated succession of vistas.
She needed support from everyone who knew and loved the family members she'd lost in rapid succession.
They have dismantled a succession of distribution rings.

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