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Brown said the argument had been used successfully before to have perjury charges dismissed.
Indeed, one has already been tested successfully by a group of marines.
Veterinarians successfully treat injured equines with stem cells derived from the animals' own fat.
Most high-school teachers think their state standards successfully prepare students for college, but college instructors disagree.
Years of repression have stifled any opposition capable of challenging him successfully.
Only a handful of wild animal species have been successfully bred to get along with humans.
Yet a generic dog can mate successfully with wolves it encounters.
Successful finalists must consent to and successfully complete a criminal background check.
Her advertising blitz has successfully gotten her name recognition.
There, a range of lenders is successfully funnelling credit to its entrepreneurial poor.
Then the psychiatrist returns and asks questions until he or she successfully diagnoses the group.
Most of the profit came from successfully hedging fuel costs.
Doing science requires using technical terminology to allow you to successfully navigate the expert terrain.
Consideration of candidates will begin immediately, and will continue until the search has been successfully concluded.
It was the first time that sea dragons in captivity had successfully given birth.
Many people are successfully managed or cured using drugs, without any serious side effects.
It successfully combines simplicity with a high degree of customization.
The glowing dogs show it is possible to successfully insert fluorescent genes into an egg cell.
Vertical integration is a difficult strategy for companies to implement successfully.
It was only the second time the duck-billed, web-foot mammal had been successfully bred in captivity.
The problems are glossed over, and the reader gets the impression that they have been successfully addressed.
Successfully advocate for innovation in instruction and student development.
If they successfully phrase questions and understand the answers, they can move on to the next level of the game.
Health issues related to the individual's environment, or non-genetic causes, respond successfully to a wide range of approaches.
They need training in how to interact successfully with sugar daddies and cougars.
For the incoming faculty members, it's joyous to celebrate leaving the job market behind successfully.
The catfish has successfully adapted to life in swampy patches of forest terrain, the researchers say.
He says that in a diverse community the virus quickly ceases to exist, because it is seldom successfully spread.
One month later doctors removed it successfully and discharged her with a clean bill of health.
Successfully incubated eggs hatch about two months later.
In addition, the swallows are not living as long and are not breeding as successfully as their distant counterparts.
Other marine animals have worn prostheses successfully.
As a result many of the penguins were unable to successfully reproduce.
The mission successfully installed two new science tools, fixed two ailing ones, and replaced batteries and gyrators.
Ask them what characteristics animals have developed to maximize their potential to successfully compete in an ecosystem.
To grow these plants successfully, you'll need to hold direct sun to a minimum and keep humidity high.
The storyline propels the player, but only as fast as you can successfully navigate through the puzzles.
Still, the daunting challenges do not mean that leadership positions cannot be successfully filled.
Excellent communications skills and the ability to successfully manage workflow processes and staff.
Finalists for these positions must communicate well and successfully complete an interview process with department faculty.
These essential functions are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the job.
While there is no easy answer to that problem, some applicants do manage to navigate those shoals more successfully than others.
Functional résumés are harder to pull off successfully, partly because readers wonder if you are hiding something.
He has tried to express this latter element in his pageants, but has never successfully done so.
It is only in the earlier stages that any stand can be successfully made against the encroachment.
He had successfully avoided meeting his landlady on the staircase.
The visit went off successfully, as was to have been expected.
Introspective people who are fearful of others, fearful of themselves, are never successfully popular hosts or hostesses.
The navy and transports ran the batteries successfully.
Hardly the bravest among them have the manliness to resist it successfully.
The float successfully holds the baited hook above the waterway's bed, so snagging is minimal or does not occur.
Many of them have been betting vocally, and successfully, that bank shares will fall.
Of the six new haptens, three successfully provoked the mice to make such antibodies.
They have successfully planted the idea that investing in dribs and drabs is a sure way to minimise capital loss.
It proved that pay had been successfully linked to performance.
The astronauts successfully operated the system again three hours later after it cooled down.
Now researchers have successfully treated this pathological behavior in the mice-with a bone marrow transplant.
In tests, a patch containing numerous micro-needles successfully released the drug, which maintained its biological activity.
According to the report, the protein is stable and successfully targeted and killed cancer cells in laboratory tests.
And yet, remarkably, no one has ever successfully predicted or explained any of the constants.
He has successfully attached implants to bone and is experimenting with the best way to connect a prosthetic to the skin.
Increased human populations have increased the chances of a virus successfully propagating among humans once it has made the jump.
But rarely have scientists seen prey mimic their predators to successfully avoid becoming dinner.
If the other player catches it successfully, the partners each take another step backwards.
Typically doctors need to act within three hours to treat a human stroke patient successfully.
It's what has allowed us to survive as a species so successfully.
He has successfully managed a real business with other people's money and some of his own.
But while the right to lobby is included in religious liberty, the right to lobby successfully is not.
Yet they have successfully resisted the call to fill the empty seats.
The significant majority of affluent people follow only those professional sports they themselves can successfully play.
Few of those relationships had ever been successfully patched up.
Besides, he hadn't known of a single editor who had successfully gone to war with his paper's owner and won.
Successfully removing one involves thousands of dollars in laser surgery, often with multiple procedures.
Almost three years late to the tablet market, where the players are successfully entrenched.
Nevertheless, it has mastered convergence, successfully selling intellectual property across multiple platforms and regions.
They successfully grew stem cells within the sac, delivering proteins and nutrients to the cells through the sac's membrane.
The latest implant has been successfully tested in pigs, whose eyes are comparable in size to our own.
Once the array has been successfully adhered to the rubber, the hemisphere is relaxed into its natural curved shape.
So any demonstration must also successfully transfer the fuel to a docked spacecraft in a zero-gravity environment.
So far, though, no one has successfully performed this feat.
The retrofit successfully prevented battery intrusion and coolant leakage.
For many cancer patients, survival depends on whether their doctors can successfully remove the tumors in their entirety.
For centuries it had successfully evaded persecution, morality and progress.
There are those who say it was all a bluff, that such a system could never have been and will never be successfully developed.
They successfully delayed gratification until the researcher returned, some fifteen minutes later.
For a decade now, the agency has successfully avoided a reckoning with its own culpability in letting this tragedy transpire.
No one the writer spoke to believes that climate change can be successfully addressed solely by creating a market.
Lately, countries have successfully invoked these laws in court.
Medicine now requires teams of people to work together to prevent and treat disease for patients successfully.
Compulsive hoarding is often accompanied by another mental disorder, which is one reason it's difficult to treat successfully.
Nevertheless, his model was the first to be successfully marketed.
Of the original seventeen million gallons, fewer than four million have been successfully removed.
Tells how he was among the first to adapt successfully to the microphone.
Earlier this month, he ventured outside the laboratory with the device and successfully identified certain objects.
Of the animal species that have been cloned successfully, pig tissues and organs are more similar to those of humans.
People were successfully applying to law school, medical school, and other professional degrees with a mere high school education.
They lived on different trees and couldn't cross-breed successfully.
His team was the first to successfully turn back the clock on adult cells.
The bigger brain the primates have is what they need to successfully navigate their complex social structures.
It's a manipulation that lets the parasite reproduce more successfully.
Our ability to successfully adapt to such a diverse range of habitats is often explained in terms of our cognitive ability.
The insects that had been successfully engineered all had glowing red eyes.
It can try them in civilian courts, and has done so successfully on many occasions.
Countries in which clinical trials are now conducted are often too poor to pay for the medicines that are successfully tested.
There is a process which successfully uses heat and pressure.
The first phase of the maneuver was successfully accomplished-a collapse has been averted.
Jeb attempted suicide twice, once nearly successfully.
Twenty years previously, during the savings and loans crisis, this approach had been adopted successfully.
The names of the suspects had already been leaked to the press, thus hampering efforts to successfully prosecute them.

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