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Although they came to form a majority of the country population they never made a successful insurrection.
We may study the laws of matter at and for our convenience, but a successful life knows no law.
The company considered the experiment so successful that they implemented a wider telecommuting policy.
Domestication takes thousands of years, and then there are no guarantees that it would be successful.
He also calculated the probability of kicking a successful field goal from various spots on the field.
It is that even this limited ambition risks messing up the successful freight railways.
Charisma will be back in: all successful business chiefs will have to be storytellers and performers.
As a rule, the more value a firm can add to a product, the more successful it will be.
She also promises that she will apply her successful business skills to running the state.
Successful legatees have almost the same test scores as successful non-legatees.
Firms that service mortgages held by investors will also receive fees for successful modifications.
Successful tech firms spawn start-ups, either by example or because staff leave to form other enterprises.
At a moment's notice, hitherto-successful economies were plunged deep into recession.
Even then, transfusion was only occasionally successful.
His book is a successful and convincing biography of the empire's ruling elites and their modern-day legacies.
Exceptionally successful people are not lone pioneers who created their own success, he argues.
Successful technology platforms sustain and reinforce growth.
Others work for food, and the chance of a playful tug-of-war after a successful operation.
Successful play necessarily requires a degree of selfishness, but across the animal kingdom species have evolved social behaviors.
Why humans ended up being more successful has long been a topic of debate.
The tourism industry, some argued, had become too successful.
It has been successful elsewhere with butterflies and other insects.
Whether it's successful or not, its expression of perpetual irritation will never change.
Even rents and housing prices are on the rise, especially in communities that are close to successful upstarts.
Obviously, the biggest reason why terrorism is so awful is due to the loss of life resulting from successful attempts.
No poet ever worked harder to project himself into the future, and no poet has ever been more successful.
Profit-maximization is not a generalizable norm for a successful capitalist society.
There was also the surprise that it was successful at all.
He has been more successful than he could have imagined.
Many are successful businessmen, whose hands-on style doesn't benefit them in their new role as candidates.
Successful venture and growth funds create something out of nothing, and hence, could not be guilty of destroying jobs.
It's an ongoing effort with a successful balance of professional and citizen curators, writers, and fact checkers.
If one can do this for a year or more and help them learn new responses then successful treatment may follow.
Early detection of cancer is often a key factor in successful treatment.
The engineers were successful, transforming a potential disaster into a legend of effective teamwork.
And for one species studied, males were more successful at attracting extra-pair mates.
Many people struggle mightily to achieve and are of course disappointed by less successful outcomes.
With both strategies successful, the behavior gets maintained.
But the strategy is so successful that the authors yearned for puzzles whose solutions would require novel tactics.
They compared them to two other groups whose dieting was not so successful.
But further progress through successful application will result in a quantum leap in technology.
Using these phrases with a relaxed body is likely to be more successful than an over-hyped one.
It also has a lot bigger implications for the world if we're successful.
Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue till successful candidates are selected.
If only recognition and comfort blazed behind successful scientists as it did behind successful entertainers.
It's worth e-mailing them to see if they are willing to share their successful application with you.
Our students are successful in the performing and visual arts.
The successful candidate will show evidence or promise of such contributions.
We will only ask carriers to look at markets where they can be successful.
He's successful, has a wonderful family, and loves the work that he does.
Bogans underwent successful surgery to repair a fractured left ankle and torn deltoid ligament before getting released.
It was as if he needed not only to escape but also to put down those of his peers who had been more successful.
There's a lot of money to be made in television, and by every standard but his own, he was successful.
We absolutely knew what could happen if our work was successful.
Successful after years of obscurity, he was now confident enough to reject advice.
The gist, she said, was that in order to be successful you have to cut off one of your burners.
And in order to be really successful you have to cut off two.
It's hardly a surprise that the humble is often less successful than the flamboyant.
In fact, successful hot-pursuit investigations of disease clusters take place almost every day.
The writer describes how the field of anesthesiology has adopted this precept and seen extraordinarily successful results.
There's almost no chance you'll be successful in getting investments from people in the movie business.
Twitter will have to overcome several challenges for the scheme to be successful.
Innovation, the successful transformation of an idea into breakthrough customer value, requires creativity and entrepreneurship.
Thank you to all of our sponsors and attendees for making it a successful event.
Scientists typically generate many plants and then screen them to find the ones in which the desired change was successful.
Once the robot has developed a successful simulation, it attempts to walk using the same technique.
If successful, the system could help medical experts diagnose conditions or create a treatment plan.
Software has become a difficult thing to be successful at.
It described the behaviour of successful people versus those who were less successful.
Successful gamers must focus, have patience, and prioritize.
Both types of demonstrations significantly increased successful spitting, with no differences between demonstration types.
Replacing one drug for another is not treatment and there are many successful programs that don't use medications in treatment.
They say they're still a few years away from a successful transfer.
The obvious option would be to mine the data from the various games to extract the successful techniques.
And if this proves successful more sites are planned.
Compared to the maps of physics and chemistry, there are far more successful psychology cities.
When you're personally successful, you tend to think that things are going well.
You've been enormously successful with your own hedge fund.
We cannot, of course, be sure that diplomatic talks and contact would have been more successful.
But it seems unlikely that they would have been less successful.
Yet spin aside, these efforts hardly can be deemed successful.
Yet he was less successful in politics than many who enjoyed smaller advantages.
He found, first of all, that probabilities of making a second basket did not rise following a successful shot.
But then once this policy is successful, you have to rein in the money supply as fast as you can.
So successful was this campaign to make heroes of the martyrs that any dissent was drowned out completely.
Yet it's what separates the successful and well-paid from those who stagnate and remain undervalued.
It's a marriage that's neither miserable nor all that successful.
Curiously, many entrepreneurial leaders actually lose their nerve as they become successful.

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