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Example sentences for success story

Definitely a success story of a medical mystery and it will help people with this disorder.
Statins have actually been on-balance a great success story but every remedy has a downside.
Archipelago is also a success story, and doesn't seem to have any problem attracting adventurous diners.
His is the consummate high tech success story, the brilliant, driven engineer who beat the critics to make it big.
On the contrary, in many ways it can be seen as a capitalist success story.
They show you their survivors as their success story, the deceased are not mentioned.
Newcomers who are intrigued by this phenomenal success story might be flummoxed when they see the film.
The risk he runs is that an extraordinary success story will come apart.
King penguins are supposed to be a wildlife success story.
In many ways, the clinics were a rebel-sister success story.
Each one has a success story to share, hundreds of which are featured on the site.

Famous quotes containing the word success story

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Huckleberry Finn is a companion piece to Tom Sawyer, but a companion piece in reverse, a mirror image; it is the America... more
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