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Example sentences for succeeding

Percentage plans appear to be succeeding as a public-relations strategy.
So perhaps no one should be surprised that in both succeeding years applications have fallen.
And the symbol's appeal continues with each succeeding generation.
Succeeding the conventional oven, the microwave oven could heat food faster and use less energy.
Other countries and companies are succeeding with a different strategy.
The simulation's forecast map has proven uncannily accurate in succeeding years.
In the succeeding decades retroviruses were identified in many animal species.
Don't let this tired excuse of outdated equipment keep you from succeeding.
But the chances of that succeeding are also close to zero, since the president has promised to veto any such move.
In succeeding decades, protection programs have boosted golden eagle populations on the mainland.
Yet they have been coy about whether they're succeeding in wooing partners.
Their questions show you're succeeding in developing your network.
Not because you initially said that you would, but because it seems to me that you're afraid of succeeding.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich, working for it, and succeeding.
Computer languages evolve, generation succeeding generation.
It sometimes makes it confusing to figure out if things are moving ahead or not-if they're succeeding.
Decisions based on an accurate picture of human nature have a better chance of succeeding than those that are not.
Sheep could become smaller in succeeding generations for many reasons.
To watch it in progress, succeeding and failing in about equal measure, watch late night talk show monologues.
One hopes that the pursuit of succeeding legal actions will be as quick.
We need to look at how it interacts with other programs and why people aren't succeeding.
Small, independent developers are succeeding in getting houses built where the government has failed.
She came right out that she thought my disability was preventing me from succeeding in academia and research.
And practice was about trying to do something over and over again, failing and failing, and then finally succeeding part way.
He doesn't have a chance of succeeding until he sets a research agenda.
She's only succeeding in giving herself a big migraine.
Thus do succeeding generations try to memorialize their importance.
The editor succeeding him was soon told that still more cuts would have to be made, and he resigned too.
But now that it seems to be succeeding, people are once again raising the alarm about a severe slowdown.
Yet the odds on any of these efforts succeeding are low.
Defending legislation as succeeding on its own terms doesn't cut it.
Succeeding generations struggle against themselves, and others, more than previous generations.
The task of succeeding him is difficult and challenging.
The exception would be if you already had a stake in the company succeeding, such as owning a bond issued by the company.
It is succeeding because the manufacturing of hundreds of wind turbines will be split between the two countries.
Most of us know through experience that there are several missing ingredients preventing the cargo cults from succeeding.

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