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In the long run, a place can't succeed at one without the other.
But no one knows whether these eleventh-hour efforts will succeed.
There is a school of criticism that says it shouldn't matter whether a work of art is personal, only that it succeed as art.
Because kids who understand our world today can succeed in it tomorrow.
If you want to find drama in a landscape, you're more likely to succeed on days when the weather is dynamic.
When you do succeed-well, you never conquer a mountain.
Big sponsors have paid big money to see them succeed.
For this scheme to succeed, the light beams have to be guided and merged with exquisite precision.
To succeed, you must override both a normal impulse to attend to new information and curiosity about something forbidden.
Hot fusion is more likely to succeed, but it will be a decades-long quest costing billions of dollars.
It is to the interest of the country that he should succeed in his office.
They never are suffered to succeed in their opposition-Burke.
These neuroses are accompanied by processes that strive to restrain the development of fear, and succeed in various ways.
Resistance through violence and killing is wrong and it does not succeed.
Though unlikely to succeed in the short term, the new treatment might be valuable in the long term.
When the people rise up, there's no guarantee they'll succeed.
The big story with street homelessness is that when cities make a concerted effort to reduce it, they succeed.
If at first you don't succeed, lower your expectations.
Much work on aging brains has focused on their failings, but two new studies look at how they succeed.
Because that's what it takes to succeed, to accomplish something interesting.
Sometimes they succeed but often they don't, wasting a lot of money along the way.
We get to learn about his style and the tricks he uses to make his work succeed.
That's the way it should be: ultimately, the world must go past what adults believe will succeed.
The participant, a field-grade officer, observed that modularity cost brigades lots of things that a unit at war needs to succeed.
In order to succeed, open-source projects have adopted management practices similar to those of the companies they vie to outdo.
The ones that succeed typically do so by being highly efficient.
Those who want to integrate or succeed are held back by stereotypes about dirt, crime, fecklessness and illiteracy.
The town is striving to make the venture succeed: offering cheap office space and allowing use of its idle port and tugboats.
He may not have much say about who will succeed him as president either.
If the measures succeed, the crisis will be only a little less acute.
To start a firm you need gumption, and to succeed you need an eye for a gap in the market.
Experimental treatments fail far more often than they succeed.
Yet it may also be that editors and referees are aware of this risk, and succeed in counteracting it.
However, those that succeed in making sense of some aspect of global culture can be both enlightening and memorable.
Tough conditions tend to succeed when they are combined with generous help with getting back into work.
Moreover, he notes, reform cannot succeed without the support of the majority of teachers.
He hopes that the turnaround model will succeed where other programmes have failed.
The contest to succeed him as party president, and thus prime minister, at first promised to be lively.
Even on those grounds, however, it's unlikely to succeed.
Broadcast television programmes must succeed quickly or they will be cancelled.
They're not coming from the paradigm of interdependence necessary to succeed in marriage, family, or organizational reality.
We cannot yearn for more and more and more in a rising spiral of ruthless acquisition and expect to succeed.
Besides the blog on studying, he has also written several books for undergrads on how to succeed at college.
Review panels want to see the projects they support succeed.
It's an approach that may succeed in terms of high efficiency but at the expense of vitality.
How unpleasant writing a grant can be is brought into relief by the sheer amount of effort required to succeed.
There are many good ideas for enhancing college achievement and helping more undergraduates succeed.
What everyone has failed to mention thus far is one's ability to succeed in the job market.
If you succeed in conveying that impression, you'll be on your way to a campus visit.
The faculty see that the time spent means grades are better, and more students persist and succeed.
Those invaders get winnowed by natural selection, and only a few succeed in establishing themselves as human diseases.
People succeed or fail based on their connections rather than ability.
People who succeed tend to be rather extraordinary, make sacrifices, and don't make a big fuss or whine about it.
It might be the case that the brick-layer might aspire to be a doctor and succeed.
If air power could succeed in these tasks, then the bomber aircraft would prove a truly revolutionary weapon.
Others worry giant companies are taking over the world and making it impossible for small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed.
If the applicants performed poorly, they probably didn't possess the physical strength or dexterity to succeed in the job.
Reps that succeed are rewarded with bonuses or commissions.
Their math tutorials draw from cutting-edge research about the way students learn and what motivates them to succeed academically.
If the bid goes through, the four farmers will likely succeed.
We need to a better way to show students where they can succeed.
These prudential and economic arguments are not likely to succeed much longer.
It will succeed only if they have a revolutionary breakthrough to exploit.
If these types of efforts succeed, people will see many more applications available through mobile phones.
Stories that can be boiled down to a single, punchy headline are exactly the sort that succeed by these measures.
These are the minimum set of objectives necessary for it to succeed, and the maximum set which represent optimal efficiency.
He did not have the habits or the temperament to succeed on his own.
At this point it is important to observe what made the earlier theory of necessity succeed in those cases in which it did succeed.
Or it could be said about churches, which succeed in making a captive profession out of a free vocation.
Some even wondered aloud what they could do to help him succeed.
But it was too feeble, too weak and too late to succeed.
Plenty of people succeed in politics by being everyone's friend.
But as one of my mentors instructed me, if you do not make mistakes, you are not trying and will never succeed.
Carlson finds that effective teams succeed by continually sharing, implementing and improving ideas.
See, touch and taste your success in this idealized future, and you will be more likely to do what it takes succeed.
If he had the ace of hearts, he might always succeed by setting up a second heart trick.
My mission, as a transformational leader, is to give every student a chance to succeed in the future.

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