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But usually in small matters such as a subway fare, he pays for two.
The white subway tile backsplash in the remodeled kitchen highlights the warmth of the new wood cabinets.
He has used everything from gumdrops to music and rides on the subway to make mathematics more fun and more accessible.
There were subway trains and newspaper stands and traffic.
Some students demonstrated in three locations, taking the subway from stop to stop.
Out by myself or with my friends walking, riding the bus and subway all over the place.
Naturally the subway drivers or policemen concerned put in heroic overtime in that final year.
Confused workers spilled on to the streets, while thousands more were trapped for hours in lifts and hot, crowded subway trains.
The subway train stations are so clean that you could eat from the floor.
Accessible stations are clearly marked on current subway and rail maps.
There is nothing more obnoxious to me than two people making out on the subway, in a restaurant, wherever.
To do so, the dogs have learned to navigate the subway.
Extremists have targeted and attempted attacks on subway and rail systems, aviation, and maritime services.
The best way to see my city is to ride the comprehensive subway system, and get off at random points.
It has millions of cars but also an excellent subway system.
We lined up for the security check and it was a lot quicker than the security check for the subway.
Excellent location with fine dining and shopping, as well as subway within walking distance.
The lack of true offline compatibility is also annoying to anyone who takes the subway.
They ride the subway back to comfortable, modest, outer-borough apartments.
Its infrastructure was decaying, particularly the subway, and no one who had alternatives rode the subways after rush hour.
There was a subway stop at our corner and even in the wee small hours of the morning, a steady stream of foot traffic.
But a stalled subway car cost them half an hour, and the clues that followed were so simple that they couldn't catch up.
It would also have to be near a subway station that is open between four and six in the morning.
They refer instead to their neighborhoods, and to the nearest subway lines.
We had spent five years touring the boroughs, rocking out on every possible street corner and subway station available.
If you sat across from them on the subway, you would never guess how hungry they were.
No one much likes it when something-an empty cab, an out-of-service subway train, summer-goes by without stopping.
The virus and the surface of the cell change shape, allowing the blimp to drop down to the subway station.
The confined rats experience a moderate level of stress, not unlike what people may endure in a packed subway.
Gum wrappers and subway maps get a dose of recycled chic.
My daily subway commute would sure be even more colorful.
The size is vaguely consistent with the first military encounter shot when the group enters the subway.
Even if the response to an image is extremely transient and lasts on the order of a few minutes, the ad is on the subway.
They can watch the tv in subway, bus, their car and train.
And you could repeat this building by building, or in a subway, or in a closed arena.
At first sight, with its different zones colored different primary colors, it resembles the subway maps of many major capitals.
Most of the subway stations near the park were shut down.
If you have to take the subway or the bus, wear a mask and rubber gloves.
It was easy to locate the settlement once out of the subway.
If you are caught on the subway during any kind of emergency, follow the guidelines below.
When the subway stops in the station, there is a space between the platform and the subway.
Exit at the rear of the platform, towards the last car of the subway train.
But in fact, traffic jams are environmentally beneficial because they're the reason you go down into the subway.
Forty years ago, the term didn't suggest city kids' spraying their aggressive colored tags all over subway cars and buildings.

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