subvert in a sentence

Example sentences for subvert

On this reading, the immunity law was needed to protect him from enemies who might otherwise subvert the will of the electorate.
If the client side package requires any download that can be detected and possibly used to subvert the system.
Her talent allowed her to subvert convention and redefine beauty.
Letting him keep the money seems to subvert the purpose of self-banning.
No matter how much you subvert the principles of engineering, it won't crumble.
The military leaders in the establishment are trying to subvert the will of the people.
They might then ponder how to live with the existing whaling laws, rather than subvert them.
It found that physical activity, even in small doses, may subvert genetic destiny.

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Pornographers subvert this last, vital privacy; they do our imagining for us. They take away the words that... more
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