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Powerful economic logic underpins the suburbs and car culture.
Students may already be familiar with old cities and new suburbs.
Suburbs exist because fuel and cars are cheap and land in cities is expensive.
Suburbs are constantly springing up without a nearby interstate.
Suburbs are smaller urban areas that surround cities.
Cities will get bigger, of course, and suburbs will grow but will need to become more environmentally sustainable.
Three days later, it was installed in a military cemetery in the suburbs.
Otherwise, you'll probably find adequate housing in many of the surrounding suburbs.
For decades cities and suburbs have competed for jobs, residents and state and federal aid to ill effect.
Light and commuter rail to prominent suburbs have the potential to radically change the city.
As aquifers are drained, more suburbs beyond the basin will ask for it.
Often found in cities and suburbs as well as in rural areas.
Within the last decade, the town has experienced a huge influx of people from the central city and other suburbs.
The image of paratroopers floating down over the suburbs is, also, surprisingly powerful.
The city's outer suburbs are eerily quiet, thanks to the preponderance of unsold and foreclosed homes.
And behind the developer comes the family in search of a home in the suburbs.
Many of the government employees are expected to settle in the suburbs.
And it caused the gutting of inner cities as people moved to suburbs and commuted over highways.
Mirroring trends seen elsewhere around the world, the city's inner-ring suburbs have been getting more diverse.
Overly aggressive macaques have become a major nuisance in several national parks and even in some city suburbs.
As suburbs expand, residents should learn to tell the difference between predators and prey.
Some papers even had the nerve to refuse delivery to distant suburbs.
The reason, revealed by satellite, is that the suburbs have more backyard ponds and puddles.
As they do so, they may turn decentralised sprawl into quilts of energetic suburbs with a community feeling.
Dense cities are scalable, while sprawling suburbs are not.
Those who were able walked silently toward the suburbs in the distant hills, their spirits broken, their initiative gone.
They have been short-changed in a lot of ways, even though they're in one of the nicest suburbs in the country.
Conventional suburbs are overbuilt and out of favor.
In cities and suburbs alike, walkable neighborhoods linked by train are the future.
Families living in especially sprawling, auto-dependent suburbs devote six percent more of their income to transportation.
The notion that the poor are moving from cities to suburbs and the wealthy from suburbs to cities is not new.
And routine policing is more difficult in the semi-suburbs.
The tendency of some urban sustainability advocates to draw lines between cities and suburbs.
Metropolitan areas combine core cities with their suburbs and come in all different shapes and sizes.
He had entered a drug-treatment program and landed a job working the graveyard shift at a condiment factory in the suburbs.
The recession's aftermath will give birth to mega-cities, as families and businesses come in from the foreclosed suburbs.
Ones in the suburbs might have space for an employee vegetable garden.
They made books available in malls as populations moved to the suburbs.
What's more, megacities are groupings of multiple cities and suburbs, and each of these is subject to changing local definitions.
One of our biggest challenges is how to remake our suburbs, which tend to be generic.
One moves to the suburbs to afford one's family a better, healthier life.
Today, with fewer people tending farms and more living in the suburbs, things have certainly changed.
Poor schlumps in the suburbs, the only monsters with families,mortgages to pay and lawns that need mowing.
Curbing development in cities and suburbs will make developers unhappy.
There are endless suburbs in those areas too with huge, wasteful green lawns.
Unfortunately, this gives way all too soon to dusty suburbs of corrugated-tin slums and appalling poverty.
If one looks only at test scores, teachers in affluent suburbs get higher ones.
Suburbs get helping hand in stabilizing neighborhoods.
Companies were forced to merge with larger firms or relocate to the suburbs.
It also comprises all adjoining cities and suburbs that make up a surrounding metropolitan region.
The debate about the interdependence of cities and suburbs within academic and popular circles did not arise in isolation.
Two kinds of jurisdictions were of particular importance: central cities and urban core suburbs.

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