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Septic systems work well in rural and some suburban settings, where sewers are necessary in urban areas by today's standards.
One that also distinguishes between those raised in urban environments and those who migrated from rural or suburban environments.
The poverty rate dropped in rural areas and rose in urban and suburban ones.
Part of his motivation was to remedy the gap in urban and suburban studies, which is his other major interest of the past decade.
Background sounds in her suburban neighborhood-lawn mowers, planes, barking dogs-intermingled in a deafening buzz.
We need sustainable cities and that means limiting suburban sprawl.
That's the difference between you walking down a path and a car driving down a suburban street.
They are known to hunt in suburban areas and feed off the birds at feeders.
But not every suburban household boasts its own particle accelerator.
Well if you are always in clogged inner city streets and not on suburban expressways, it is excessive.
The economic crisis has devastated the fast-growing developments on the far suburban fringe.
The picture on the jacket shows dark waves on deep water with a distant suburban shoreline.
City and suburban light pollution can be another challenge to spotting the fainter flashes.
Patriotism, optimism, and scrubbed suburban living were the rule of the day.
In fact, vehicle-burning has become the suburban crime of choice.
Meandering recently through a suburban fair, he chatted easily with voters near giant banana dolls.
Suburban sprawl has guaranteed high cost of housing per unit of land.

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