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Ask students if they know the difference between a city and a suburb.
Instead, they've decided to stay put and renovate their city apartment or fix up their small house in an older, closer-in suburb.
We need to find ways to make this argument stick in every city, suburb and rural town.
For example, if you live in a suburb, you could have students research historical sites in the city.
Urban sprawl is visible in the expansion of suburb-style communities around city centers.
The new kind of suburb wasn't supposed to be so suburban.
So begins the succession from country to suburb to sprawl.
He was exactly the kind of satisfied old bird you will find in every suburb and every holiday place.
They readily adapt to new environments and human suburb style settings are actually a huge breeding area for foxes.
Even an efficient van answering computer routings from cellphone calls in a suburb will be expensive.
Nothing in this peaceful suburb was out of place, except for its missing tenants.
First as a streetcar suburb and later an automobile-based suburb, the community thrived.
Federal investigators are crawling all over the western suburb.

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