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The investigators blinked at the subtlety of this distinction, and made the necessary changes to the transcript.
But pruning your ideas and simplifying your language don't have to eliminate the subtlety and significance of your thought.
It can remind us that subtlety can be far more beautiful than manipulated imagery.
The subtlety of the human advantage in intelligence delayed, but did not avert, the extermination.
It takes an odd scientific subtlety to see that sort of possibility.
He seemed to be enjoying the subtlety of his cross examination.
Influence is a form of violence to some, and the relative subtlety doesn't change the paradigm.
But then, subtlety is the hallmark of credible fiction.
As with many things in the modern world, subtlety is lost.
Subtlety is largely ignored in a forensic study of the history of species, but it's evidence is everywhere around us presently.
The tone is brawny and forceful, with all the subtlety as a kick to the face.
But what they gain in power and spectacle they often lose in subtlety and sophistication.
The trees, some so ancient and so bent that they are sculptures themselves, enhance the majesty and the subtlety of the bronzes.
But as he aged, his painting noticeably lost subtlety.
Payne connects, whether with subtlety or scat-fueled energy.
But the poetic subtlety of the show is marbled with political motifs.
The subtlety of wisdom in the hands of a fool must be made foolish so that he can imagine that he understands.
That, no doubt, added to the impression of him as an artist for whom color and subtlety of shading are not of primary concern.
Some of the work is sharp and direct, while other pieces challenge through subtlety and indirection.
IN this age of advanced aesthetic enhancement, subtlety is prized.
In large part, the answer has to do with the difference between difficulty and subtlety.
With the subtlety and grace of your garden-variety infomercial, it lays out its litany of insurmountable problems.
And university leaders must be prepared to face them with sensitivity, subtlety, and courage.
These changes are all the more startling for their subtlety, adding a new dimension to the audio commentaries.
It's an interactive process that brings out humor, subtlety, and artistry that might otherwise go unnoticed.
What falls in the gap is any subtlety of insight into actual human beings.
In all, the program was rich in subtlety but short on electricity.
Subtlety, you will have gathered, is not the prime concern here.
The marketing of healthful fast food will require the same degree of subtlety and sophistication.
Survival on the streets demanded quick and decisive action, not subtlety of judgment and equivocation.
They picked things up fast, admiring baseball's tactical subtlety without fully understanding it, and were riveted by every pitch.
For the subtlety and quickness of his understanding, and his penetrating genius, he was regarded as a prodigy.
If he seems unusually imaginative, still he is imagined without too much subtlety.
He defends her actions with the quiet subtlety which suggests that defence is seldom necessary.
He dramatized this spectacle with lyrical specificity and, as his work matured, increasing subtlety.
He taught his students to roast beans with a subtlety and patient care that few can master.
Over time, his new approach gained popularity, power and subtlety.
The piano's dynamic range allowed for a subtlety in composition previously unimagined.
Over the years, the deals improved in subtlety, but not in character.
In short, universities want people of some depth, subtlety and intelligence.
Considering their subtlety, the message these wispy signals bring is one of surprising violence.
The ability of science to detect the subtlety of nature is laughable.
We shouldn't straight-jacket it into our narrow categories but attempt to capture its fullness and subtlety.
People have complex viewpoints full of nuance and subtlety.
Thanks for teasing out the subtlety and nuance for us uneducated retired laypeople.
They're afraid of misunderstandings of the tone and subtlety of their comment.
There's some subtlety that needs to be take into account.
The pastor's ambitions are not wielded with much subtlety.
The pleasure of the novel lies in its subtlety-in this case, a discreet exploration of marital psychology.
One should rather, he said, admire the living body for its wonderful and almost incomprehensible subtlety and complexity.
There is no subtlety here, no irony, and little forgiveness.
Subtlety of observation counted for more than anything else.
Will is one talk-show participant who does not drum subtlety and complexity out of public issues.
Subtlety is not a high priority in some of the didactic political work.
That's one, twenty-three in case the subtlety didn't take.
For the sake of budget and subtlety, an audience can expect to use its imagination.
The subtlety and artistry of the show make looking past the swearing worthwhile.
Traveling through time and space often causes actors and writers to lose their grips on both reality and subtlety.
Didn't always directly answer the questions but deflected and hedged with offhand subtlety.
It repeats itself, it insults your intelligence and it has no sense of subtlety.

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