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They orbit in a perpetual deep freeze until some subtle gravitational nudge upsets the delicate balance.
Vocabulary, for instance-older people know more words and understand subtle linguistic distinctions.
In fact, our own lives sometimes depend on recognizing the subtle differences.
The only way to make sense of these discoveries was to put similar species side by side and sort out the subtle differences.
Most of the time, though, the flaws were more subtle.
There's a subtle difference between being tough and being abusive.
The importance of first and corresponding author varies a lot, and in subtle ways, from discipline to discipline.
Meaning, especially anything subtle, is created by context and the teaching and evaluation contexts are separated by a continent.
Underneath his dark ironies, there is a rustic humor that has many subtle variations.
She was always full with mystery and subtle movements and denials and vague distrusts and complicated disillusions.
Some trainers and researchers think they detect subtle changes in human behavior or scent before an episode occurs.
What they found was subtle folding of the sediments revealing a history of ancient earthquakes.
Allow enough time to savor the subtle beauty of this vast wilderness.
If the nearer star has orbiting planets, keen-eyed observers can spot the subtle clues of their presence in the magnified light.
Tucking organic herb sachets throughout the house leaves a subtle fragrance.
Whereas the designer might once have settled for a romp in the hay, this show was sophisticated, sensual and subtle.
The size isn't overwhelming, and it has enough subtle detail to keep it interesting.
Sometimes it is only a subtle lightening of skin color.
These days, his sweaters are more likely to be in subtle shades of goat, and be more expensive.
The opinion need not be subtle or original, as long as it is arguable.
Susanne's turning, on the other hand, had been far more subtle.
It's a subtle part of the relationship between correspondent and fixer, often unnoticed and unimportant.
Perhaps it was something subtle about our body language.
The link between financial services and security is more subtle.
Others, such as patience and a sense of fairness, are more subtle.
It is a subtle and engaging distillation of oceans of data.
There are actually rather a lot of questions that are more subtle than the authors think.
Her face, powerful in its spareness, registers emotion with subtle ticks and readjustments.
They do not make subtle legal distinctions between them.
Another game the researchers asked participants to play was more subtle.
There are more subtle ways in which the departure of some skilled people may aid poorer countries.
For one thing, enormous amounts of data allow subtle effects to be detected statistically.
What is emerging is a picture of fluid dynamics more subtle and more complex than anything dreamed of even a decade ago.
There are other, more subtle, means of protection available.
The links between trade, food prices and poverty reduction are more subtle.
His answer, to simplify a subtle argument, is that it routinely lets itself be carried away by its successes.
But it is still a form of subtle protectionism, relying on someone else to take the strain.
Together, they checked whether subtle cues about being observed had an effect on people's behaviour.
There is evidence that this has occurred in the past, sometimes in subtle and uncontrollable ways.
The plot's variations can be so subtle that it can be worth looking back over the slow history of foreign relations in the region.
The synth tones it emits are huge and juicy, and about as subtle as a bear.
The technique is a subtle form of genetic engineering, which many people consider taboo, and raises other ethical dilemmas.
Those subtle differences aren't mindblowing improvements from preceding netbooks.
There is more subtle technology to seek out and destroy such facilities.
The prevailing technique for turning it into fuel was not subtle: bulldoze, pulverize, and cook big chunks of landscape.
Hidden buttons and pockets provide ample, subtle storage options.
They are selling brands, which evoke a subtle mix of people's hopes, dreams and aspirations.
But research on social cognition is revealing much more subtle and unconscious mechanisms behind these social biases.
The hemispheres of the brain normally operate in concert, but there are subtle differences in their tasks.
Some squid don't rely on such subtle aerial acrobatics.
And other than a subtle white lie here and there, he is completely genuine to them.
Subtle, but they are there, and are being noted by researchers.
Even though upfront, the differences appear to be subtle, the reality is that the differences are enormous.
The real culprit is much more subtle, but utterly uncontrollable.
Obviously some sort of subtle magnetic phenomenon, perhaps not unlike instrument joggling anomalies one encounters at sea.
Other ethical issues are more subtle, if only because relatively few among the general public ponder these things.
But some index funds measure the market in more subtle ways than traditional index funds do, and they're worth looking at.
Her dresses were a range of color but subtle and controlled.
Females must have hair in one natural color, have subtle jewelry, light makeup and short fingernails.
Again, such subtle differences underscore the importance of reading the prospectus to make sure you know what you're buying.
Still, he's consistently made defenders miss with subtle moves inside the pocket.
The subtle art of raising long-deceased spirits from the dead.
They're growing ever more complex, subtle, and sophisticated.
Also, there's a subtle but important difference between the two cases.
There are unfortunate years of too much cold or rain, but if the wine is thin, then it is subtle or laudably austere.
The sensor is worn under the armpit and measures subtle changes in basal body temperature which is indicative of ovulation.
The actor recognizes the subtle moments of wit within the dense, historical text.
Their many subtle shades include greens, oranges, and violets blended from lots of different genetic proclivities.
The story is both simple and subtle, and its peculiar power is to surprise us slowly.
Transformations are more likely to take place in subtle ways.
It is impossible to summarize a book so strong and yet so subtle, in which every word has meaning.
Often before a power cable goes, it gives off a few subtle signs of distress.
The atmospheric changes discussed in the article could theoretically alter the appearance of a sunset in some subtle way.
Bottom line: over-emoting is the norm in cartoons because there are always subtle clues in real life.
Cartoonists don't want to include the subtle clues since cartoons tend to be serials.
He made subtle blunders, he made outright goofs, his oversights were glaring.
But one can discern the major themes from the subtle and not-so-subtle polemic easy enough.
It's actually a more subtle question than you might think.
Even green tea may tie into subtle subatomic processes.
Its first symptoms may be subtle and impossible to distinguish from the normal decline in memory that occurs with aging.
After a while the animation changes and it spins the other way, but the change is so subtle.
It is evident that you have much to teach the world about subtle and careful thinking.
Instead of an awkward peer-pressure moment, it becomes a humorous opportunity for subtle allusions to red buttons.
Bosons, as the new species of particle came to be called, differ from fermions in subtle--but significant--ways.
Left-wing antiscience is more subtle than right-wing, but it is also for that reason much more dangerous.
There are subtle differences between the behavior of spinors and vectors under coordinate rotations.
The one snarky comment in an otherwise positive letter could actually be a subtle way of sabotaging the student.
It has been a subtle but unmistakable cultural decline.
The methods may be sophisticated, but the theme is anything but subtle.
Songs jog along as subtle cues enter and fall out of the mix.
His is a beautifully worked out and infinitely subtle portrayal of weakness and cruelty masked by false solicitude.
Reducing a heavy use of alcohol, and thus experiencing subtle withdrawal symptoms, can be another cause.
But recently, there has been a subtle but significant shift in establishment rhetoric.
There is nothing subtle or simple about huitlacoche.
It was subtle and hinted at a comfortable intimacy between the characters.
At another, the ever-subtle spotlight returns to show them having wilted.
But a subtle yet significant intangible characteristic has emerged.
Also look for subtle signs, including mood changes or personality changes, such as crying at the drop of a hat.
The flesh, firm and flaky, picked up subtle hints of citrus.

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