subsumed in a sentence

Example sentences for subsumed

Libraries and librarians were subsumed by information-technology departments.
The goal of holding wrongdoers accountable now risks being subsumed by a partisan witch-hunt.
So seasonal variations are subsumed within the average rise.
Breakfast does make one feel somewhat subsumed into an age-old domestic ritual.
But these were quickly subsumed within a keen attention to natural forms and the grotesque sublime.
Those crucial functions cannot be subsumed by nuclear power.
Then he jumped down into the crowd, still singing, one voice subsumed by many.
The part of the marsh that borders the open water is risk of dying and being subsumed by the sea.
After about a day, every feature was subsumed by swelling.
Homeopathic pills are inert sugar pills that get subsumed into the body's carbohydrate metabolism.
New finds are subsumed within a broader edifice of existing knowledge.
Over the next four years, the style too often subsumed the substance.
But data subsumed voice, web traffic burst through the network via always-on broadband connections and distance is dead.
The story of illness is not subsumed by the story of cures.
Some historical data are not available by individual accounts because annual data were subsumed into aggregate funding categories.
Records management activities subsumed under that umbrella may be accomplished in either a manual or automated manner.
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