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Scientists have described this type of forest as a nutrient-rich economy perched on a nutrient-poor substrate.
The substrate to which the inverter is to be fitted must be sturdy and noncombustible.
While there may be more substrate for coral to grow, the question of whether there is actually more marine life is complicated.
Evidence of repeated, prolonged touching had worn away both paint and actual decoration, at some places down to the substrate.
It can also be applied to a wooden surface provided that building felt and wire mesh are mounted to the substrate beforehand.
Organisms lived amid other organisms, with the biosphere their primary substrate.
Cultivated mushrooms used to be grown on a substrate of horse manure.
The uplifting produced fissures in the limestone substrate.
Suspended in liquid, the flakes are then deposited onto a substrate to form a film.
If you want to create a smooth consistent coating on any substrate, you might consider screen printing.
Functional imaging experiments in humans support this possibility and suggest a potential substrate for pain empathy.
The research is interesting but the hype ignores the cost of the substrate.
They will also have to become less brittle, perhaps by resting on a stronger substrate.
The physical substrate is what governs the behavior, not the experiences which allegedly emerge from the interactions of neurons.
It is the logic that matters, not the material substrate.
In many respects the scriptural universal religions are all different kinds of overlays on a common substrate.
The brilliance of personhood as a foundation for rights is that it exists independent of biology, even of physical substrate.
Typically, the light in the substrate is internally reflected and runs parallel and not perpendicular.
The device uses a silicon substrate containing channels that guide laser light.
The new instrument uses an extremely small silicon tip that is rapidly scanned across the surface of the substrate.
Scientists have tried everything from growing them on wafers to depositing them on a substrate from a chemical solution.
The technology uses print technology to place organic transistors on any substrate--the same kind mentioned in this article.
There have been articles here of nano-pillars used to trap light above the substrate.
In the new coating, each successive layer bends light more as light moves from air into a substrate.
The first step in making the cathodes is to create a slurry of polymer spheres on the surface of a conductive substrate.
And adding silicon transistors to the mesh is more difficult than doing so on a solid substrate.
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