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For movies with a large number of ratings, you do substantially well.
The best shelter is a large, substantially constructed building with intact, well-grounded wiring and plumbing.
Humans have caused global precipitation patterns to change substantially over the past century, new research says.
Graduation ceremonies vary quite substantially around the world but they tend to have this same underlying diagram.
Fat, per unit of insulation, substantially outweighs air.
If the trend worsens, melting ice and icebergs falling into the ocean could raise global sea levels substantially.
No plan to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions can succeed through increases in energy efficiency alone.
All of that adds up to a substantially better user experience.
There is virtually no chance to increase speeds substantially without building completely new dedicated tracks.
It feels substantially thinner, thanks to tapered edges, which make it sit more comfortably in the hand.
Long-term consumption of the chemical substantially lowered the rats' blood pressure.
It declares that football ought to be substantially changed or else altogether abolished.
Committees report to administrative officers who are at liberty to accept, reject, or substantially alter faculty recommendations.
Locals say that fish catches improved substantially within three to five years.
The situation varies substantially depending on where one looks.
The cost is coming down, but one thing that hasn't substantially changed is the completeness and accuracy.
The trend of more work for less pay will continue until world labor costs substantially converge.
Fires have also contributed substantially to forest loss.
And it would also substantially extend battery life.
Still, the town itself has grown substantially and it would probably be a pleasant enough place to spend a couple of years.
And these maps when they change substantially they impact behavior.
On the other hand, digital libraries increase my quality of life substantially.
The higher velocity for the northern glaciers suggests that the southern glaciers have substantially stagnated ice.
Also, the initial costs of wind per kW capacity are substantially higher than any other technology.
My guess is that it could substantially reduce global generating requirements and/or provide developing countries with power.
The intensity of criticism has not substantially waned over the past year, nor has the prominence of those voicing concern.
Global temperatures have been known to change substantially in only a decade or two.
The manufacturer has already shown that the product releases the drug substantially similarly to the brand product.
Purchasing coupons in countries with weaker economies could increase that margin substantially, he reasoned.
Nonetheless, many rural and resort areas remain relatively safe and contribute substantially to the economy.
It will substantially increase the funds available for investment as capital in useful enterprises.
Fighting was substantially over by half-past seven in the morning.
Moreover, in my opinion, substantially some such plan must be worked out or business chaos will continue.
The plan then adopted was substantially the same which was necessarily followed ever after.
It agrees substantially with the foregoing accounts, but a few particulars in it may be noted.
As doctors there noted to me, premiums have gone down substantially, reflecting the major drop in lawsuits.
College athletics are so entrenched and enjoyed by so many people that they will never be discontinued or substantially changed.
The financial crisis has substantially reversed the dependencies in the global economy.
Air leaks can be a major efficiency drain, and add substantially to heating and cooling costs.
Many of those violations are deemed substantially harmful to the environment.
When a department hires an experienced teacher, the expectations are substantially different than for a new junior faculty member.
His presence substantially redefined the conversation on this campus, strengthening the position of both faculty and students.
Some may want you to certify that all the authors contributed substantially, or that human subjects guidelines were followed.
But it's not substantially worse than the starting rate at some universities.
When senior scholars are present, they must push back against these types of comments as they hold substantially more power.
If you can afford it, substantially complete the degree before moving on to full-time work.
Both offer great promise in creating forms of matter that are substantially more capable than anything nature has to offer.
Capital flight has increased substantially in the last few months.
The result is that far from rising, global inequality has actually been falling substantially.
The context for global cooperation, for national policies and for business models has substantially if not fundamentally changed.
But if the proportion of private patients substantially increased, that could change.
Their rates of car theft, robbery and burglary are all higher, some substantially.
Many reckon the industry needs to become substantially smaller.
Even in countries that have cut their emissions substantially, business is not always getting the right signals.
It's below the trend growth rate, at a time when the economy should be roaring ahead at substantially more than trend growth.
As airports grow busier, that number is expected to rise substantially.
It is clear, however, that higher brain centers that control the desire to eat also substantially influence our food consumption.
His spleen shrinks substantially, raising the level of oxygen-enriched hemoglobin.
They were the poster family for everything you're supposed to do, but they were never substantially ahead of anyone else.
Still, expressed in more neutral language, all six positions are substantially true.
Treatment admissions, drug purity and meth lab incidents all dropped substantially.
Had they simply included this fairly obvious statistic, it would have substantially altered the conclusion that readers drew.
Throughout the recession, the unemployment rate in finance and insurance has been substantially below that of the nation overall.
Factual findings are substantially less important when such a standard governs, because no evidentiary support is necessary.
The president would substantially increase investment in energy research.
As a result, they use substantially less power electronics, and less sophisticated generators.
It also extracts substantially more usable electrical power.
Knockout females lived substantially longer than their normal counterparts.
As you have experienced, heavier products transported over distance also increase costs substantially.
Depending on which region you live in solar may in fact be substantially cheaper.
If a new patient is substantially different from those in the database, the algorithm fails.
The last time vital-sign monitoring was substantially improved, the result transformed hospitals.
If this compressor is replaced by an isothermal compressor, the plant efficiency would be substantially increased.
The paper concludes that a trace perturbation smaller than observational uncertainties allows substantially heterodox physics.
It improved on its predecessor with a new design that makes each dish substantially lighter and cheaper to manufacture.
After auction, brain activity in the loser's reward centers decreased substantially.
The variation in their postures is substantially smaller than the variation in leg position across the years.
We also have to include state and local income taxes that moves the vertical line substantially to the right.
But if the test is less accurate, an exonerating false negative is substantially possible.
Phylogenetically, the two populations are similar in age but substantially disjoint.
The heritabilities and shared environment figures for intelligence and work ethic are substantially similar.
They will present fresh evidence that other factors--high-fat diets, for instance--may substantially elevate that risk.
That's why discharges of gays did not substantially decrease after the law was enacted.
What it does do is hold the promise of substantially enriching humanity by providing insight into the mysteries of the universe.
The vote substantially altered the party composition.
Integration of on-board equipment can substantially increase the cost of a new vehicle.

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