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Example sentences for substandard

Criticism of the affair has focused on the ubiquitous sale of fake and substandard products.
They were either too compromised by crummy keyboards, substandard displays, anemic performance or all three.
It was one of his supposedly substandard teachers who encouraged him to write in the first place.
Lazy advisors, substandard dissertations, etc are a different matter.
Such substandard journalism leaves this otherwise amusing little piece quite lacking.
The action resulted from a raise in the museum's fee for curatorial services, not from substandard conditions.
Critics had argued that the lack of contracts enabled the landlords to provide substandard housing with no accountability.
Different demographics is no excuse for a substandard education.
Having poor credit is not an excuse for substandard education.
She and other critics said they would prefer to spend money upgrading existing substandard housing.
In many respects this op-ed piece is both an example and the result of such substandard work.
And that, in itself, is the standard of a conspicuously substandard film.
Not much different than comments on a substandard and unoriginal essay.
But he said that none of the substandard fasteners found so far posed a safety threat.
The first step is easy: mutant, substandard eyes are easy to spot.
The examples of substandard care of physician patients have the common factor of risk.
The bottom line is that the authors submitted a substandard manuscript and it made it through peer review.
He fumes on about the problems of the coffee industry, and what he calls a grievous oversupply of substandard beans.
Often times safety hazards are overlooked and sanitation is substandard in many factories.
In other words, you got substandard products sometimes because of your own well-calculated decision by paying substandard prices.
Only so much substandard growth before everyone begins preparing for winter again.
When education was perceived to be substandard, one solution was to hire more teachers.
Sox must right many wrongs of last several substandard seasons.
Many take public sector jobs with the expectation of the pension as a means of putting up with a substandard salary.
The people who hire them at permanent substandard wages, not the illegals.
Over the last several years, it has come to represent a substandard commercial breeding facility.
Many were fitted with irregular nameplates and nonstandard and substandard parts.
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