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The poor dean and other administrators would be overwhelmed by form regardless of substance.
While gaining its moral weight, its content seems to have deteriorated: the form lost its substance.
The salient characteristic of some forms of communication is how little of any substance is being communicated, and how poorly.
Your letter must be long enough to contain real substance but not so long that it becomes irritating.
For another, the practicing bar also demands junior lawyers who know more about the substance of their practice areas.
These are people for whom process is paramount and substance is something of a garnish.
Possibly superficial and definitely interested in style over substance.
The hardest substance in the human body is the white enamel of the teeth.
Some thought he used magnets, others said heavy oil or porcelain chips or a substance he found in beehives.
Every error is an error of substance, a betrayal of ignorance and inexperience, the academic equivalent of the double dribble.
It's an organic substance that's in all cell phones-leave it at that.
Makers of cosmetics also mix this natural substance with other botanical ingredients.
The substance also has the power to shape the caterpillar's texture and pigment distribution, enhancing its disguise.
Instead of flushing with water, you use a dry substance.
The ink even contains a substance that dulls a predator's sense of smell, making the fleeing octopus harder to track.
As a weapon, the bill is a bit more show than substance.
The gooey substance impairs these crucial functions.
Hippos also bask on the shoreline and secrete an oily red substance, which gave rise to the myth that they sweat blood.
Tears shed because of exposure to a cut onion would contain no such substance.
Each player will have a blood test for the substance in spring training.
One, known as a photoallergic reaction, occurs when a certain medicine or substance is applied to the skin.
It's one of those times when a movement that seemed ethereal and idealistic became a reality and took on political substance.
In some people, an immune response is triggered by a substance that is generally harmless, such as a specific food.
The challenge lies in finding a substance that conducts electricity well and heat badly.
Isoprene is a monomer, which is a substance whose molecules can be linked together chemically to form a polymer.
If they failed to remake it, this was largely because they were out of it on one illegal substance or another.
For once, thanks to the global economic slump, it is as much about substance as about style and personalities.
So, with little of substance to joust over, lawmakers have been turning their attention to some less urgent matters.
Opposition politicians are tired of the government's failure, over the years, to push through any reforms of substance.
Wonderful idea for a sustainable substance that doesn't require killing anything.
Moreover, if the new device were deployed in a real factory, it would always be dealing with the same substance.
Buckminsterfullerene, too, was promoted as a wonder-substance when it was discovered.
Whenever the election is held, the government can achieve little of substance before it.
Questions at the press conference focused more on process than on substance, since it was the commission's first day.
The price of an illegal substance is determined more by the cost of distribution than of production.
It informs and instructs in the substance and is so well written.
His investigations into past wrong-doings produced little of substance.
They are in the matter and substance of the poetry, and they are in its manner and style.
The substance of his best pieces is immaterial, and their value is their mellifluous sweetness of sound.
It accompanies the hepatic artery, ramifying upon its branches, and upon those of the portal vein in the substance of the liver.
They are remarkable for their tortuous course in the substance of the organ, and for their frequent anastomoses.
In the first wet chemistry lab test, the substance was not detected.
Mirrors focus the sun's rays on the heated substance.
The substance could also be triggering a panic response in the ants, which use the same chemical as an alarm pheromone.
In between bones, the rubbery substance that absorbs shock and facilitates movement without injury is cartilage.
If one doesn't understand the substance of those relationships, it's impossible to tell the story, imho.
Information is crucial to our biological substance-our genetic code is information.
By measuring the electromagnetic spectrum a substance absorbs or emits, you can determine its molecular composition.
The substance of what he said changed my mind on nearly every subject he addressed.
Scheduling the mind-altering herb as a controlled substance could slow medical research.
The device is filled with a powdery substance known as sodium silicide that produces hydrogen gas in the presence of water.
Scientists believe that the whales protect themselves by secreting a fatty substance in their intestines to surround the beaks.
So they doctored the wine with a substance that binds iron, keeping it away from the tasters' tongues.
Dark matter, the substance no one has ever seen, continues to baffle cosmologists.
The rock salt applied to icy roads in the winter is the same substance that comes out of your salt shaker.
Because the leading model of cosmology has been unable to account for their relative lack of substance.
Aluminum smelting is one human process that might produce such a substance.
So there were some questions around that-how substance use had affected him and how he metabolized things.
Would it be possible for someone to spray some of this substance, mixed in the air freshener at a brokerage house, for example.
Cholesterol is a waxy substance that, among other things, provides structure to the body's cell membranes.
There is a big difference between an invention and a discovery of a natural substance.
Without getting into too much detail, the average speed of molecular motion determines a substance's phase.
The heat-inducing substance in peppers has actually been shown to reduce ulcer-causing acid in the stomach, not increase it.
Its surface is chemically treated to snag molecules of the target substance from the surrounding environment.
The idea that a dendrimer with some killing substance will be absorbed by cells that use folic acid is interesting.
Once implanted in the cells, the capsules protect the substance inside from being metabolized.
Using another substance, such as dry ice, is an interesting idea.
If what you say was true, then they'd be able to bring any substance to almost absolute zero with the film.
Third, the more radioactive a substance is, the faster it decays.
Blood tests measure the amount of specific antibodies circulating in the blood after an injection of the suspect substance.
As with almost all state summits, the balance between symbolism and substance tipped in favor of the former.
What makes this debate noteworthy is not only its substance, but its character-the who and the how.
Money is not the dull stuff of hourly wages and bank-account statements, but a magical substance that comes as a gift from above.
The elements combine and recombine with no underlying substance, or soul, to give them permanence.
Your whole life, you've been warned that this substance can wreak havoc on your health.
D├ętente was a shift in style with substance-or, rather, a shift in style with substantive consequences.
Someone who could throw out a few zingers but couldn't back them up with any sort of substance.
It had been gradually taking form and substance as the new national spirit had developed, and side by side with it.
Her hair was profusely ornamented with curls and braids of its own rich substance.
However, this is a guy of depth and substance, no doubt about it.
Haynes had no intention of confiding that he was carrying a highly illegal psychotropic substance.
We were received into the elements of the eternal pearl as water takes light to itself, with no change in its substance.
It perfectly expresses the substance, and the style, of his teaching.
Kidney secretions of renin synthesize a substance called angiotensin.
Here, it cripples the show's ability to tell us anything of real substance about the world it depicts.
But there was more substance to his response than that.
Seen in this light, and though it has little to say on issues of substance, the proposal presented several advantages.
As they move about they secrete a chemical substance called a pheromone that leaves a scent along the path they are following.
To avoid doublespeak, what matters is that the substance of the discourse does not change.
Additionally, its ice surface is thought to float atop a subterranean ocean of water or some other viscous substance.
For instance, the electric charges within a substance normally try to align themselves with an applied electric field.
Food allergies occur when immune cells overreact to a foreign substance.
The upper part of the trap is a waxy zone where the feet of the insects are clogged with a slippery substance.
Mason and her colleagues detected a strange pulverized substance in the charred sample.
His work led him to develop a petri-dish protocol for testing whether a substance can cause such mutations.
As for your second point, my first post was focused on the substance of the article.
The result is less burden on the refereeing population, and more scientific substance per paper.
But otherwise your troll attempt was a weak, incoherent ramble lacking in both style and substance.
In order to emit light, the substance these ghosts are made of must contain charges or electrical currents.
The event attracted considerable attention, for its novelty as much as for its substance.
But the challenge of the moment was about demeanor, not substance.
But the infinitely adaptable substance has its dark side.
Conforming to the boundaries, and restrictions imposed by the government only reduces the substance in your lives.

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