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With little means of subsistence or livelihood in the delta countryside, many of the tribal members have migrated to the cities.
If you could cure his defect, he would be without a means of subsistence, he would have no livelihood.
Years of begging and bare subsistence followed until he died.
New levels of philanthropic investments can propel them beyond the subsistence support that has been far too customary.
But selling to subsistence farmers takes some reshuffled thinking.
We put subsistence farmers out of business because that's our choice.
And it only follows that humanity will revert to a subsistence agrarian society within the confines of their own homes.
Of his own free will, he turns from a full-throttle embrace of life to a joyless subsistence.
The basic idea was that at some point, the equilibrium wages for workers might fall below the level needed for subsistence.
First, urbanization and industrialization made the poor more dependent on public charity for a minimum level of subsistence.
The subsistence sector continues to supply adequate foodstuffs, although malnutrition is widespread.
They make near-subsistence farming nearly impossible.
New motors are expensive, and out of the price range of subsistence farmers.
People want more than subsistence--they want variety, and pleasure, and novelty.
But once subsistence is taken care of, luxury raises its silken, smiling head.
It's their subsistence and it's not right to make money from tuna cheeks.
The climate is so inhospitable that life is a grinding struggle for subsistence.
They farm the land, growing subsistence crops, and collect charcoal remains from the fire pits of their neighbors.
Until recently, they derived all material aspects of their subsistence from their tropical forest environment.
Subsistence farming often exists side by side with commercial agriculture.
The broad repertoire of edible animal parts emerged from a subsistence culture in which nothing was wasted.
Residents fish some lakes commercially, while others are used for subsistence fishing, and some remain completely untouched.
Agriculture, mostly subsistence farming, dominates the economy.
Most of the inhabitants are subsistence farmers, although some grow cash crops.
Among the first to get their nets wet are the subsistence fishers who live on and near the bay.
Threats include a growing human population and subsistence hunting.
Poaching wildlife, both for subsistence and commercially, is an old problem but still serious.
But poor farmers, who have been largely cut out of export profits, traditionally choose subsistence farming.
It's almost entirely a subsistence form of food acquisition for people in desperate need of the nutrients.
Small, isolated populations face rapid loss of habitat to subsistence agriculture.
When you are dealing with a colony that was living at a subsistence level anyway, it wouldn't take much to put them over the edge.
We literally breed up to the limits of growth, squeezing ourselves against the margins of subsistence.
Roughly half the world is still living in a subsistence economy.
During this period complex civilizations built on rents extracted from subsistence agriculturalists arose.
Despite this, it was still possible to find pockets of subsistence agriculture, people for whom time seemed to have stopped.
We'd get a whole range of colonizing aliens, probably with widely varying motivations and subsistence strategies.
The problems we're facing are not the problems faced by people in the subsistence society.
Settlers persist in using fire to clear land for their subsistence farms because it is cheap and easy.
The country supplies the town with the means of subsistence, and the materials of manufacture.
Economic activity consists primarily of subsistence farming and fishing.
Perhaps, in spite of himself, writing must have been still necessary to him as a means of subsistence.
Subsistence farming and fishing are the primary economic activities.
The charity of well-disposed people, indeed, supplies him with whole fund of his subsistence.
Agriculture consists largely of subsistence farming and animal husbandry.
If any of his disciples accompanied him, he caused them to carry with them some dried bread for their subsistence.
They were brought to these places, without provision for their subsistence, and with no other covering than a few rags.
Thou hast promised a kingdom, deny us not the means of subsistence.
However, the majority of landholdings are farmed at subsistence level and many farming families live below the poverty line.
She attended a nearby university, and is trying to turn subsistence herding into a viable business.
Most of them languish in a series of underpaid post doc positions working for subsistence wages.
Left out of work or underemployed in the informal sector and subsistence farming, they are a political tinderbox.
Many start out as subsistence farmers and are among the first in their families to earn a regular wage.
To avoid all that, farmers often retreat into subsistence growing or look for alternative livelihoods.
Overhauling the largely subsistence agricultural sector could be even more important.
Most of the population is engaged in subsistence farming, but barely subsisting.
For many subsistence farmers there, the problem is how to replant at all, and what.
To have more time to look after her, her husband has given up his job at the brick factory and returned to subsistence farming.
Factory conditions were improving and wages were rising well above the floor of subsistence.
The jungles are threatened by several factors, including commercial logging, agriculture and subsistence farming by residents.
His father was a carpenter, not a subsistence farmer.
It doesn't matter who is killing the wolves--subsistence hunters, sport hunters, or shriners.
Unless you're an organic subsistence farmer, you may want to re-think your position.

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