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These adjuncts, despite their limited hours, make enough to subsist on while writing that book or building up that cv.
It's fascinating to think a spider might be able to subsist on plant material.
Most of the resulting corn is fed to livestock who didn't evolve to subsist entirely on corn.
They proposed to live in the open air, and subsist upon potatoes to be dug with the shovel.
With such a level of income one could barely subsist.
Chimpanzees generally subsist on fruits, but they will hunt on occasion.
Let's see you subsist on nothing but beer, light or not, and stay sober.
If it was too wet to light a fire, they had to subsist on hardtack biscuits and cold sowbelly doused in vinegar.
These archetypal eerie animals are the only mammals that subsist solely on blood.
These farmers barely subsist on crowded and overworked land.
People there subsist on fishing and have no sewage treatment facilities.
They figured that the demons would not be able to subsist by themselves.
They dwell in crude thatched huts in forest depths and subsist by hunting and fishing and gathering plants and berries.
The celebrations and the food of old will come and go, but nobody will be asked to subsist on seal or whale.
The hours are long and the pay barely enough to subsist.
If those operations cannot subsist on their own, they will fail.
Some subsist in cramped quarters for years awaiting resettlement in another country.
Tenants often subsist on meals of rice porridge, dried fruit and restaurant leftovers.
Most cable channels still subsist largely on so-called reality shows.
Carthusians subsist on a frugal diet of bread, cheese, eggs and vegetables but no meat.
Beekeepers take care of domesticated bees, while the wild bees are left to subsist on shrinking wild habitats.
These endangered hoofed mammals, which live in transitory groups called harems, are herbivores that subsist on foraged plants.
The two subsist side by side for a time without any mutual influence or interference.
Many workmen could not subsist a week, few could subsist a month, and scarce any a year without employment.
It cannot subsist in its perfection, say some of those who are learned in this warm lore of the heart, betwixt more than two.
They subsist on protein bars for a few days and then perish.
Especially fascinating were the physiological studies on people who subsist only on raw foods.
Despite the occasional helping of tortoise meat, they would have to subsist on what amounted to a starvation diet.
Most subsist on farming tiny plots of land and by foraging.
He would subsist on coffee and dry bread because he did not want to pull himself away from his art.
The body can only subsist in a short range of temperatures.
The concession allows them to subsist in the forest, taking turkeys and other game animals for food.
The refuge contains diverse ecosystems that have provided humans with wide ranges of fl ora and fauna for them to subsist upon.

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