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These projects are mostly politically driven and run mainly on external money sources and subsidy other than own generated funds.
Sceptics therefore doubt that the subsidy is a good use of public money.
It needs the money to pay wages and an electricity subsidy and to invest in farming.
Some might be inclined to call that a state subsidy.
All the while, it gave a giant tax subsidy to mortgage interest that convinced people they were fools not to buy.
The other thing that needs to be done is stop federal subsidy of flood insurance.
If you think that's a subsidy, then your entire paycheck is nothing more than a subsidy.
Give me one single current subsidy for nuclear power.
Wind turbine operation is profitable so government subsidy is required only to enhance start-up.
Besides being a red herring, that fiction is made possible by changing the word deduction to subsidy.
Loan guarantee subsidy would bog our energy system problem-solving down.
The subsidy is limited to nine months and available only to those without another source of group health insurance.
The cost is designed to help wireless carriers recoup the subsidy they contribute to each new phone.
Curiously, he cites the past half-century of tangled agricultural- subsidy policies as a model for a future industrial policy.
They should call it a government subsidy to low-income families that pay little or no taxes financed by people who pay taxes.
Lower income seniors and those with higher health care costs would receive a bigger subsidy.
Each credit represents a subsidy to help produce one megawatt hour of renewable electricity, such as wind power.
Most federal workers don't get any subsidy for dental or vision insurance.
So a subsidy could merely benefit those businesses that already would have added new workers.
Firms worried about future sales, low on cash and deprived of credit, may too readily fire workers without a subsidy.
Another would extend a subsidy for health insurance for those who lose it along with their jobs.
But stretched incomes appear to be the reason, as much as government subsidy.
Perhaps new legal justifications for subsidy will be found.
It's easy to see why they do not deserve a public subsidy.
The government says universal state funding would be a subsidy to the rich.
But some economists have denounced the plan as a disguised subsidy posing as a market solution.
But government subsidy is a wobbly foundation on which to build a business.
To compensate resource-poor provinces, a special subsidy was created for border regions.
The government says it is planning a subsidy reform.
The subsidy per employee depends on the health insurance coverage chosen and the average annual wage for the business.
The statute and regulations establish standards for determining when an unfair subsidy has been conferred.

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