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Example sentences for subsidize

Reserves of foreign currencies plunged as the new government continued to subsidize basic amenities.
The increase in the use of the tax code to subsidize students and families has received much less attention.
One solution is to subsidize the internships by increasing financial aid and program grants.
It would be inefficient not to subsidize colleges and their students.
The insinuation is that the government should leave rich people alone, not subsidize their changing of habits.
The gov t allocates frequencies to prevent chaos but does not subsidize one type of cell phone over another.
The solution is to tax non renewable energy and subsidize renewable energy.
Then the local power companies and government utility agencies came to subsidize them.
The question is whether taxpayer dollars should be used to subsidize the destruction of precious human life.
It's not right to make everyone subsidize their boss's education.
Some overly enthusiastic nations perhaps subsidize land for utility-scale renewable projects.
So basically, part of my life is spent working to subsidize my lazy brother.
Hence, the idea that the insured subsidize the uninsured is not supported by the evidence.
One intriguing idea is for the government to subsidize basic renovations to make houses more energy efficient.
As a result, financially sound companies are forced to subsidize those that are not.
In addition, they do extensive fundraising to help subsidize the cost of the numerous events offered to program participants.
Sd it wants others to subsidize the local phone companies.

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