subsidise in a sentence

Example sentences for subsidise

We subsidise our huge violent food production system and then sell the end result for less than half the production costs.
We are in a global market, competing with countries who subsidise there businesses, and pay for health care with tax money.
Companies with good risk do not have to subsidise those with bad.
Some rich governments choose to subsidise expensive weddings.
In this way, a minority of paying customers subsidise the game for everyone else.
The higher fees they pay at university subsidise domestic students.
At the same time the taxes that are paid by others to subsidise the heavy use of the highway would be reduced.
The central government also continues to subsidise the cost of electricity to the tune of billions of dollars a year.
Some cities also planned to subsidise access for poor residents.
Some use the profits from their main business to cross-subsidise their charitable work.
In other cases, high prices in the rich world can subsidise low ones in poor countries.
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