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Critics say that farm subsidies today have little to do with helping struggling family farmers.
Governments should end subsidies to renewable energies and let consumers determine winners and losers.
Best of all, the government subsidies made it significantly cheaper.
The same is absolutely true for sugar subsidies by the way.
They support their families on government subsidies.
The president also repeats his call to end subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.
But closing the loophole, lawmakers determined, also denied subsidies to disabled students.
The truth about federal energy subsidies, including federal subsidies for ethanol, is that they have to be phased out.
Putting a solar array on the roof will pay for itself within a few years, even without subsidies.
Governments should be far more selective about which biofuel crops they support through subsidies and tax benefits.
Rich countries are under pressure to end their farm subsidies.
Worse, this doesn't factor in tax payer subsidies to produce ethanol.
But subsidies are not the best way to achieve that goal.
Hundreds of billions on subsidies and research and development.
Apple's trouble with the larger map is the absence of carrier subsidies.
Let's demand the subsidies stop and see what happens.
The stakes are high because the project means jobs, government subsidies and prestige.
Subsidies are more popular but both theory and practice argue against them.
Getting to sustainable cities is as much about stopping subsidies of unsustainable practices as about anything.
Computer world says it'll never happen without regulation or subsidies.
Do away with useless subsidies to corn growers for the biofuels industry and level the playing field.
Plaintiffs want subsidies to cover medical costs for emphysema and chronic bronchitis as well.
So think again about getting rid of highway subsidies.
Perhaps universities could offer rental subsidies for secondhand dealers.
They can discourage the use of chemical fertilizer by cutting down on subsidies.
Critics of wage subsidies usually cite two drawbacks: they distort incentives and they are expensive.
The sense of crisis is compounded by the proposed phasing out of fuel subsidies.
Last year, however, solar ran up against political scrutiny of lavish public subsidies.
Wind and solar cannot compete and thus will only be built with government subsidies.
But in countries with subsidies, it is rising faster than normal, and fastest of all in the countries with the highest subsidies.
Instead, an independent body will be established to come up with a formula for setting the level of subsidies.
Subsidies are a good way to obtain renewable energy.
Result: negligible private investment despite billions in government subsidies.
They are all utterly dependent on government subsidies.
Such engineering giants have the resources to negotiate the complex, over-regulated system of state subsidies for training.
That's without any subsidies and with only small, incremental improvements on current technology.
Providing subsidies to businesses that hire new workers is one.
That's why the current reform plans rely instead on a mishmash of regulations, national exchanges, and subsidies.
But the plant was delayed by construction problems, and federal subsidies were postponed.
If all these improvements were implemented nuclear power would not need as many subsidies at all.
The only reason they are installed is because of federal subsidies and state mandates.
Now they are much more affordable even without these initial subsidies.
Shifting subsidies from air travel and highways to rail service would do wonders to improve the system.
The combination of inexorably rising higher-education costs and lower state subsidies is a disaster for low-income families.
Support sustainable farms and limit subsidies to big agribusiness.
Growing political support meant better access to lucrative contracts, tax breaks, and subsidies.
The administration seems to think it can overcome those obstacles with a generous round of subsidies.
True, even without subsidies, there might indeed be economic advantages to raising animals under intensive conditions.
When businesses became too powerful, he opened up more government subsidies to shut them down.
And those that remain have become a protected species kept alive only by enormous subsidies.
Ending subsidies for oil, creating subsidies for manufacturing.
In fact, if you're earning a million dollars a year, you shouldn't get special tax subsidies or deductions.
Second, unless the mothers are widowed, they don't receive public subsidies large enough to lift them out of poverty.
Today those losses are mounting, and so are the subsidies.
It also envisages subsidies for authors who cannot expect financial help from grants or their home universities.
No more subsidies and a balanced trade with a stronger dollar means no more need for a trade war.
Adding solar power to natural gas plants isn't a new idea, but it hasn't been economical without government subsidies.
Coal enjoys substantial direct and indirect subsidies from governments and citizens.
If you run the math, even with subsidies, almost nobody is better off purchasing one of these vehicles.
The relative subsidies is what's more relevant though.
The only difference is that for the solar plant, the subsidies per kWh are hugely higher.
With regard to subsidies, private motor vehicle use is far more subsidized than rail.
Energy companies want to increase capacity by building new plants, if possible with subsidies, to enable sell of more power.
And the subsidies make investment in solar plants more risky as the manufacturer is reliant upon government as his partner.
The only reason they haven't been done at scale is the huge subsidies oil, coal get.
Identifying the real costs of competing energy technologies is complicated by the wide range of subsidies and tax breaks involved.
The exchange will then notify employers if any of their workers qualify for subsidies.
If you fix domestic prices and world prices rise, subsidies will increase even if the regime does nothing.
In the past they have flourished when oil crises pushed subsidies and investment their way.
These subsidies exist primarily to prop up support for the government among the poor.
Abolishing fuel subsidies would seem sensible and worthy of public support.
They entailed big increases in subsidies for grain farmers and in the state's guaranteed minimum purchase price for grain.
Accordingly, subsidies have been shifted away from small-lot farmers towards larger, more efficient operations.
In part, however, it's going to extend government subsidies so that more people can buy insurance.
It doesn't impose a burden on taxpayers, or require governments to pick winners, which subsidies do.
The other half involves scrapping environmentally harmful subsidies.
Government subsidies account for a tiny amount of hospitals' revenue.
Some of the increase can be blamed on the shift of crops from food to fuel, prompted by wildly inefficient subsidies.
In the meantime, corn ethanol continues to enjoy its subsidies.
One reason is government direct subsidies to farmers and the abolishment of agricultural taxes.
Earlier gains were driven by substantial reward programmes and government subsidies, many of which have now lapsed.
Electricity subsidies encourage expensive pumping of scarce water.
They start in politics-for example, stopping subsidies for biofuels.
It has also increased the subsidies, guarantees and preferences for mortgages that helped inflate the housing bubble.
Ten days later the central bank's decision removed national subsidies on mortgage loans and raised borrowers' upfront payments.
It has increased fines for pollution, reduced subsidies on fuels and scrapped tax breaks for heavy industry.
But for the moment there would be no significant market for solar cells were it not for government subsidies.
Opponents also say that federal subsidies should be reserved for new industries.
The government gives subsidies to companies that take on high-risk clients with chronic illnesses and severe disabilities.
Rewrite the tax laws and offer subsidies to smooth out the transition.
Without substantial government subsidies there would be little incentive to invest in either.
Subsidies to air transportation are also presented separately for commercial air carriers and general aviation.
Subsidies are minimized when firms pay premiums that fund the same percentage of expected future insurance costs.
But there are plenty of loopholes, subsidies and other corporate welfare programs that are on the table.
Subsidies encourage people to retrofit their homes with solar panels.
It ran on tuition fees and government subsidies, but both have vanished.
Career and technical education could be expanded at a fraction of the cost of college subsidies.
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