subsidence in a sentence

Example sentences for subsidence

Even without an earthquake the levees are increasingly vulnerable because of the continued subsidence and sea level rise.
By a slow intermittent subsidence, islet after islet sank beneath the verdant swamps.
In areas where accretion exceeds subsidence, new land is created.
The agency failed to take subsidence into account when building levees.
Mines collapse and cause land subsidence, damaging homes and roads.
The article continues, giving the distinct impression that the danger is from sea level rises, not land subsidence.
Naturally, if you rely on tidal measurements where there is land subsidence or upheaval you will get false readings.
Even as the waters rise, many coasts will be sinking because of the subsidence that follows as cities suck up groundwater.
All of these places are particularly vulnerable to rising water levels or land subsidence.
Land subsidence is defined as the lowering of the land surface.
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