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Each time a subset migrated onward, genetic diversity narrowed.
Living four-legged creatures rest and sleep in various postures, but only birds and a subset of mammals rest on folded limbs.
Within each of these broad questions is a subset of secondary questions waiting to be explored.
As it happens, only a subset of prisoners currently locked away for long periods of isolation would be considered truly dangerous.
It's a broad appeal to a range of xenophobic fears of which race per se is a mere subset.
Even within that subset there weren't a lot that explained how and why you might want to use some of these things.
Even within that subset, there weren't a lot that explained how and why you might want to use some of these things.
In fact, economic behavior is only a subset of human behavior.
The odds were against our even detecting the plagiarism, since each committee member read an alphabetical subset of applications.
However, laying that groundwork will take more than text mining, and certainly more than the subset of textual materials on offer.
Perhaps not one with a key to my entire medical history, but a limited subset of critical information, yes.
The authors make much of the fact that only a subset of published articles are subsequently cited.
But it does get a certain subset of students to read.
But there is already a subset of users unable to cope with the challenges.
Education continues to struggle, but that's because it's largely a subset of state and local government jobs.
We've also got picture messaging, which could be a subset.
For that reason alone, financial sponsors are a useful subset of capital providers, because they work their magic in private.
For the small subset that surmounts the obstacles, the experience can be life-altering and irreplaceable.
Athletes are more likely to succeed at a particular subset of their field if they have prolonged exposure to it from an early age.
Hence, you cannot indict an entire culture by pointing to the behavior of a specific subset of that culture.
Instead, one subset of genes is expressed in your pancreas and another subset is expressed in your skin.
It also intensified his rabid detracting, and perhaps a subset of rabid follower-detractors.
Any data in that subset that is not updated by the current full load will be deleted.
It's small wonder if they feel an animus toward that small subset of their critics who are so vituperative.
More likely explanation is, that a subset of people with poor health cannot find a partner and become lonely.
In other words, numerate graduates are useful right away and can compete for a larger subset of jobs than their peers.
The downside is you'd only be able to work with a small subset of languages.
For developing countries, currency crises are an important subset of financial crises.
In one sense it is a subset of red, but it is more than that.
Thus, improving the function of a subset of neurons might allow an impaired brain region to better support specific behaviours.
The only sweeps stunt more tired than holding characters hostage is the doctor-drama subset: demanding medical care at gunpoint.
Some lawmakers have focused on improving retirement for a subset of legislators.
We would call astro-horror a subset sci-fi horror proper, which has much wider parameters.
It seems to be a highly specific drug targeted to a subset of a type of cancer.
Scientists aren't sure why drugs that usually reduce suicidal thoughts seem to trigger them in a small subset of people.
However, if the structure of some subset of the graph is known, the problem can be solved easily.
When next a physicist says chemistry is a subset, tell the high and mighty git to synthesize an aspirin.
Only a specific wave length, a subset of the microwave spectra, will boil water.
So any given individual-or subset of individuals-could have vastly different outcomes.
The new agent avoids these dangers by binding only to a subset of glutamate receptors that have more nuanced effects on neurons.
Most languages only use a subset of those capabilities.
These tests are limited to detecting a small subset of the universe of pathogenic agents.
It can be a social condition, an intellectual persuasion, a subset of a community.
Double-income, no-kids couples are the latest subset.
Of course, a subset of those folks will be geeks, science or otherwise.
By studying this subset he also learned how long they could be unconscious before brain damage started.
Then you would have to guess the subset of data that was used to make the calculations.
The divergence problem only affects one subset of one type of proxy for part of it's period of coverage.
But if the brain is diseased, a subset of those proteins will have their concentration changed.
Nothing weird at all, geology is really nothing but a subset of astronomy.
Reality includes both science as a subset and all the things that aren't science, things seen and unseen, known and unknown.
Studies are often conducted to get a glimpse into the behaviors and characteristics of a certain population subset.
Then bookmark this page, so in the future you'll have one-click access to this useful subset of your unanswered e-mail.
And whatever maybe true of the general population, those posting here are not a random subset, so all bets are off.
Angry that a subset of people in a country will demand that everyone bow to their beliefs.
He is a fruitarian, or frugivore, and he adheres to a lifestyle that is a niche within a subset of vegetarianism.
The subset is slowly broadening, but it's still a narrow subset.
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